Business is the new temple.

Times have changed.

Once upon a time, healers, intuitives, sensitives, creatives, and seers like us would be whisked off to a temple or mystery school as children. We’d apprentice with a wise elder to hone our gifts. 

We’d return to our communities as trusted teachers, advisors, and leaders: midwives, medicine women, witches, and priestesses sought after for our counsel and guidance. (“Witch” once meant “wise woman,” after all.)

Our daily needs were met by the people around us. We were part of an established sisterhood, support system, and ancient legacy. 

Those days and structures are gone.

Nowadays, WE create our own means of sustaining ourselves and developing support teams. (Translation: a business). We seek and cultivate our own community. That’s why I like to say: 

Business is the new temple.

It is up to us to weave the feminine and the sacred into our work. (We feel imbalanced without it.)

The moment we have been waiting for—working toward—is here. NOW.

If this speaks to you, and you’d love support building or growing your “temple,” let’s chat.