Charisse inspires audiences to unleash their impact
by reclaiming their body’s wisdom, power, and magic.

You inspire people when you walk into a room. You give permission for people to let out who they really want to be. And you don’t even have to say a word!”

Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder of Boldheart

“Your sessions are consistently rated one of the favorites of Ignite every year.”

Kami Guildner

Host of the Extraordinary Women Ignite conference and the Extraordinary Women Radio podcast

What you can expect

An expert in somatic wisdom, intuitive magic, and grounded leadership…

A conduit for ancestral, sacred feminine, and indigenous wisdom lineages…

A guide to living an embodied, empowered life and leading with clarity, purpose, and pleasure…

Charisse weaves ancient threads into a modern tapestry of what we most require NOW to co-create our NEXT—with laughter, grace, and love.

A seasoned speaker and performer, Charisse engages audiences with compelling content, an irresistibly interactive style, and a voice resonant with the love she feels for every soul she meets.

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Charisse has guested on podcasts, led panels, and rocked keynotes. Her topics of expertise include:
  • Embodiment and somatic intelligence
  • Energy and energetic sovereignty
  • Conscious and balanced leadership
  • Tapping intuition and ancestral wisdom
  • Visibility and voice for vibe raisers and light bringers
  • High-vibration message and marketing
  • Spiritual entrepreneurship
  • The Sacred Feminine

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“To paint a picture for our listeners of the presence of Charisse: There is a way you carry yourself and transmit regal, beautiful, bountiful feminine presence, in essence. Whether it’s your bellydancer background or your higher self, your honoring of the sacred feminine nature of your female body, or this archetype that’s coming through you, whatever it is, I just want to welcome Her and let people know: this is who we’re sitting down with.”

Joni Advent Maher

Host of the Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow podcast

Signature talks

Wise Body, Ancient Connections: Developing Your Natural Intuition

Open the channel to your sacred body’s wisdom and enhance your skills as an intuitive. 

The paradigm is shifting, from one in which we look outside of ourselves for answers, to one in which we trust our inner knowing. To remember what we once knew: that we do not live ON the Earth. We are OF her, inseparable. Built by our ancestors and designed by our souls, our bodies constantly communicate with the subtle energies of the world around us. Learn to tune in and pay attention to this exchange for guidance, clarity, healing, and peace. Enhance your skills as a dowser and intuitive by opening the channel to your sacred body’s wisdom.

Decisions and the flow of life become that much easier when we learn to receive the messages our bodies constantly send: Yes, no… More of this, less of that… The deeper we drop into this conversation, the more profound the impact: Our bodies are sophisticated matrices of crystalline water and energetic frequency, holding knowledge and experience passed down by our ancestors and designed by our souls to carry wisdom across timelines. 

As frequencies rise and the collective shifts into a new reality, cultivating our unshakable center, the fundamental trust in our intuition, is more important than ever. Alignment, discernment, and reclaiming our soul’s wisdom and power are the most vital skills in this transitional time.

It all begins in the body and our relationship with it.

In this workshop, I share my favorite tools for clearing the clutter, quieting the chatter, and tuning into the energetic signatures of your body’s wisdom, its communication with the world and you, and its invaluable guidance, healing, and energy. I’ll share how my body *is* my pendulum and some exercises I’ve used to encourage that connection and receive its messages and gifts.

Key takeaways:

Learn how to apply love, care, and compassion to clear the static, tune in and pay attention. Learn to receive its messages and gifts for guidance, clarity, healing, and peace. Learn to trust: you know more than you think you do.

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The Courtesan, the Witch, the Queen, & the Priestess: Powerfully Lead & Influence—No Matter What is Going On

The most critical business asset you have when the world can (and does) go cray-cray is your unshakable energetic sovereignty. 

With it, your irresistible presence stops people scrolling to hear what you have to say. You exponentially increase your impact by calling in the best-fit team of support. Your business becomes abundantly profitable—in money, time, and energy. How? 

Reintegrating the very aspects of ourselves that we’ve been taught to reject and shame: 

  • Body and pleasure (the Courtesan);
  • Magic and nature (the Witch);
  • Support and wealth (the Queen); and 
  • Intuition and trust (the Priestess). 

To create the present and future we want for our wild success and the greater good, it is key that we embrace and integrate hidden energy reserves and intelligence—inherited through our BODIES. 

Key takeaways:

You’ll learn to access these models of feminine leadership to amplify your magnetic visibility, attract the community, opportunities, and life you desire, and gain crystal clarity on your next decision or action, with PLEASURE. 

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Your Body’s Ancestral Wisdom = the Key to Your Modern-day Sovereignty

We are the living dreams of our ancestors. Their hopes, desires, wisdom, and healing (trauma too) reside in us. In our cells, in our DNA. Especially for those ancestors—many of them female, colonized, enslaved—or otherwise forced to swallow their power or deny who they were to survive or pass. They passed their knowledge to us in the only way they could: through blood and bone.

We carry not only the capacity but the responsibility to show up as our whole selves—thereby healing generations back, and generations to come. So, what does this have to do with your business, voice, visibility, and vision? (If you’re tingling, or crying, or getting goosebumps… then you already know.)

My love, we have an entire board of advisors available to us in the unseen world, chaired by your infinite soul, the eternal part of you who lives outside time, knows all the things, and loves you deeply. This board is dedicated to supporting you on your life path and purpose.

When we learn how to tap this inner council of wisdom, which includes our ancestors among other beings, our confidence becomes unshakable; our integrity (meaning wholeness), untouchable; and our direction, crystal clear. Wouldn’t you love to be able to receive guidance from your inner council of ancestors and other spiritual guides?

I’ll show you how. In fact, you already have your divining tool: your sacred body. I will share examples from my journey, including how my grandmother and great-grandmother, no longer in the body, tapped me to tell their stories.

Key takeaways:

  • Easy tools and rituals for connecting with your body’s ancestral wisdom, so you need never get stuck in indecision or confusion again.
  • How to trust when your imagination IS your intuition.
  • How to stay in faith and trust when things aren’t going the way we think they should (our board has the big-picture, long view 😉 )
  • How it exponentially increases our pleasure, freedom, ease, confidence and *revenue* (that’s right – we are talking about your money, honey) when we allow ourselves to be guided. (Reminder: YOUR soul is the chair of the board. So this is really about connecting with and trusting ourselves at the deepest level.)

If you are a sensitive, empath, or intuitive soul, we are being called to operate at unprecedented levels of integrity, pureness of heart, love, vibration, and energy. To do this, we need the support of our inner team, as much if not more so than our outer team members. (Heck, your inner team will help you lead your outer team!) 

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Past speaking highlights

“Charisse was so full of love and positive energy. By the end of [her talk], over half of the women were crying. It was awesome.”

“I needed to relax, and you couldn’t help doing that with Charisse. She is so sure of herself and helpful and encouraging. It was everything I needed to hear.” 

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, thank you !!!!!!! Charisse was my reason for coming. Great insight and awesome connection.”

“Charisse was dynamic and engaging. I appreciate her positive message and attitude.”

“She made my heart sing! You soothed anxiety and helped us be in touch with our whole bodies.”

“Amazing! Beautiful! Open! Sensual! She gave us the energy to be more self-motivated and confident.”

“The speaker is an inspiring and soothing leader. Thank you for thinking out of the box to show women a better way to live.”

Audience Members

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About Charisse

A modern-day priestess and bestselling author, Charisse Sisou brings transformative inspiration, guidance, and (r)evolutionary tools to connect with your intuition, joy, and purpose.

Author of the Amazon bestseller, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact, and Power, she shares insights drawn from 20+ combined years as a nationally award-winning bellydancer and founding CEO of a successful marketing agency to help audiences live an embodied, empowered life and lead with clarity and love.