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Welcome to the

Wise Body, Ancient Soul Podcast

Ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul, sacred leadership, and our collective evolution?

In this podcast, I explore how our Wise Body dances with our Ancient Soul:

Tapping our body’s wisdom allows us to stand with unshakable confidence, stay grounded no matter what’s happening around us, make better and faster decisions, and navigate this rapidly changing world with compassion, grace, and pleasure.

The body is a portal to our intuition, healing, and growth—in all areas of life and work.

We’ll delve into spirituality, energy, ancestral healing, the rising feminine, sacred leadership, soulful entrepreneurship, and the role the body plays across it all.

I’ll interview a diverse range of experts across wisdom traditions and healing perspectives, as well as sprinkle in my ownsharing the stories that move and inspire us, and the practical teachings that make our lives better.

The body holds the love, gifts, and guidance of our ancestors, and the whispers and residue of our soul’s experience, collected over lifetimes. 

Let’s explore this vibrant landscape together, and raise the collective vibration, one story at a time. Join me.

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I’m Charisse Sisou

A business + soul strategist to women who lead: the wayshowers, lightbringers, and wisdomkeepers here to usher in the next wave of human evolution.

As a lifelong dancer, I’ve seen firsthand the integral role the body plays in our soul’s journey and development.

As an entrepreneur and copywriter, I’ve often seen the connection between my relationship with my body’s wisdom and my success. (I share what I learned in my Amazon bestseller, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact, & Power.)

As a storyteller and collector of stories, I’ve understood that oral history is how we’ve learned and connected since time immemorial. (There’s something really special about hearing our stories.)

And on my path as an intuitive, coach, and mystic, I’ve learned that when we learn how to listen to our bodies, we can reclaim healing, power, and lessons learned across generations and timelines.