Spider Medicine: Create. Wait. Let the magic unfold. (Repeat.)

When an animal or creature crosses your path not once, not twice, but four times in a single day—the last showing up to interrupt AS I recorded this episode…! It’s time to stop and tune in to the message. The insistence of these lovely arachnids had me researching their significance and inspired a spontaneous, intuitive riff on what they wanted to say to you and me. Consider this an oracle reading… of the eight-legged variety.

Spider medicine brings forward themes of creativity, patience, balance, and the feminine. What does the spider show up to teach us about these aspects? I offer my interpretation in a message that encourages us to loosen our grip, and allow the creative process to unfold—letting go of expectations of what its impact or result might be, or what we think it will look like. 

In other words, what happens when we create, then let our creation work its magic without pushing the process? Anyone who has felt impatient with the pace of organic growth of a social media following, blog or book readership—or podcast audience!—will benefit from today’s spider medicine.  


Some of the sites where you can look up the meaning when an animal or creature crosses your path in a notable way: Witchy Spiritual Stuff | Spiritual Desk | Mind Body Green

In China (and elsewhere), spiders are considered a sign of good luck: Spiders in China | Spiders across cultures

*If it looks like the video and audio get out of sync at this point, you’re not seeing things! I voiced over a section where I was speculating on spider symbolism with a more accurate, researched point.

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