Change how you walk = more energy and abundance

In this solo episode, I delve into a topic close to my heart: the liberation of our bodies through the simple act of allowing our hips to move as we walk. I know… Crazy, right? By challenging the shame and restrictions society has imposed on our natural movements, particularly for women, and embracing the natural sway of our hips, we tap into our inner wisdom, intuition, and true authenticity. 

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it. Holding our hips immobile takes a tremendous amount of energy. What could you accomplish if you released that bound energy and reclaimed it?

When we let go of these constraints, we enter a space of creation and abundance. I invite you to join me in a simple practice to sway your walk and explore the unique and beautiful movements of your own hips. By freeing our hips, we unlock presence, confidence, and magnetic power. Oh yes, we can release shame, reconnect with our bodies, and show up as more and more of our authentic selves. Let’s take a walk together.


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Listen to Lisa Nichols’ talk on YouTube: A STORY THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – One of The Best Speeches Ever by Lisa Nichols (emotional). I cry every time I watch it. So good. 

For the hip practice, I read from my book, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power

Want power walk inspiration? Jessica Rabbit | Mae West | Marilyn Monroe | RuPaul | Jennifer Lopez (JLo) | Beyonce

Here’s my vintage YouTube tutorial, “Sway your walk: one step toward radical acceptance of your beautiful feminine body.”

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I’ve often said if there’s one thing that I could shift, just across the globe, although this isn’t an issue out in every place, you’ll know what I’m talking about in just a moment. If I could get every woman and man honestly, however you identify, to allow your hips to move, as you walk, it will change everything. Like if I could do this one thing, ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul sacred leadership and our collective evolution, welcome to the wise body, ancient soul podcast with me your host, Sheree sisu.

When we put all that energy into restricting the body, two things happen, one, it takes a lot of energy. To do that, it takes a tremendous amount of energy. So I liken it to this, this may be a metaphor that you’ve heard before, but it’s as if, you know, we’re doing all the things that we’re here to do, and at the same time holding a beach ball under the water, and we can’t let it come up. We can’t let it pop up out of the water, so you gotta hold it there. But meanwhile, we’re going about and doing all of our things, running our businesses running our homes, leaving our families taking care of our kids, like just doing all this stuff, like tending our partners, while holding that beach ball underneath the water and making very, very sure that it does not escape our grip, and pop out of the water. Right. So think about how much energy that takes how much energy is now not available to you. Because it’s like, holding that beach ball under the water. This is how I view shame. This is how I view the things that we’ve been told, taught, programmed about our body so that we judge it feel not enough feel too much feel, you know, unacceptable. In some way. This is like this is this is so the point of my book shameless, unleash your message, impact and power, which is like, so much of our journey to visibility and leadership and clarity and, and doing the work that we’re here to do on the planet, like our purpose is getting so at home in the body. Because as soon as we move past that, like, am I acceptable or not to just being who we are, and its highest, and most just as authentic, as real as possible, like it just feels like a constant journey, because there’s always stuff that comes up. But really thinking about like, Is this really me Is this really me, and of course, me, is a moving point, like we’re constantly evolving and changing ourselves. So it takes a lot of energy, that could be put toward other things. And it effectively keeps us not present in the body. If you’re holding yourself in some sort of like artificial center where you’re not allowing your hips to naturally sway from side to side. Like if you try it right now if you can, you know if you’re washing dishes, or what have you, as you’re listening to me. Or you’re where you can stand up, or do this later. When we walk, we’re shifting our weight from side to side. If you stand in one place and just shift your weight from side to side, what do you notice? Like that hip just comes up a little bit, right? If we really lean into it, you can feel it really coming up like this is belly dance 101 Right here, letting that hip come up and letting just that shift in, wait. Do it right. Like allow that push that hip up as we’re just pushing against the ground the ground as the Earth is supporting us. That shift in weight, right? Now, contrast this when you are like okay, I can’t move my hips at all. And I just need to walk marching great example of this, right? It takes energy. It takes stamina. It means that part of our energy part of our focus is just on keeping those hips rigid, and then we’re never fully shifting our weight. Do you see what I mean? We’re never fooling shifting our weight so we’re never fully present on one side or the other. You know? And for me presents it In the body, this is the, this is the key to opening the channel to our inner knowing our wisdom is presence. So there’s two things, there’s two more things that I want to add. One is I want to bring in a quote from a teach teacher and speaker that I admire a lot nice, Lisa Nichols, because I think she speaks to this really beautifully about the why we hold this energy and what it is that we’re hoping to achieve, right. And in fact, I’ll read that right now. And then second, I want to leave you with a little invitation, a practice to sway your walk. But first. And I talk about this, in my book shameless, available on Amazon, I feel like RuPaul every time I talk about that, available on Audible, which it is Lisa Nichols started repeating a series of affirmations, when she was a single mom turning her financial life around that I have found powerfully freeing. She would look herself in the eye in the mirror and say, I have nothing to protect, I have nothing to prove, I have nothing to hide, I have nothing to defend. Now, who do I choose to be? She continues from there your energy is consumed with protecting, proving, hiding and defending. But if you let go of that, now you’re in creation. Every day, I told myself that I will link to the whole talk where she talks about that in the show notes. As well as a link to shameless my book. The whole point of which is when we hold the body when we don’t allow it to move in its natural cadence. It comes from this this energy of hiding, proving defending protecting, right, even if we’re not saying it, our body is effectively saying like, you know, it’s closing, closing down the hatch, you know, and something that I talk about a lot. I have a toolkit and abundance toolkit that I’ve got available on my website at Shri si And one of the things that I talked about is, you know, whenever we are locking down the body, whenever we are closing it down in any way we are closing off that natural state of abundance, prosperity, exchange circulation, right. So much of creating manifesting what we want in the world is about allowing ourselves to receive it, right, there’s the ask, and then there’s the receiving. And so when we are holding in the body, it’s effectively like closing the door or a door on that receiving it’s like turning down the volume on what we can receive right on what we can express, express and receive, right? Because it’s like it’s this exchange of energy. So, I encourage you, I invite you to sway your walk. And I’m just going to read this right from the book. You can also check out I’ve got a vintage video you can totally tell it’s from a while ago because the technology like is not as nice of the quality of the image is not as nice but it’s called sway your hips. sway your walk one step toward radical acceptance of your beautiful feminine body. That’s an vintage video on YouTube. If you want to check that out on my channel. Here’s the exercise, shift your walk, sway your walk. Go ahead first, walk across the room just as you normally do and notice. Do your hips sway or move as you walk? Or do you hold them tight and fast under you? The movement of our hips is our natural shock absorber. But even more than our natural alignment and movement, our hips are the seat of our pleasure. It feels good to feel it fully present in our juicy undercarriage and let our weight shift fully from foot to foot as we walk naturally rolling and swaying our hips. So try it don’t overthink it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Okay Like if you’re channeling Jessica Rabbit awesome if you even know who Jessica Rabbit is. Great. You may have a walk that’s more akin to a Mae West glide right, mincing step or Marilyn Monroe jiggle Right, you might have a, you know, a glamazon, RuPaul stride or a take no prisoners JLo stance or juicy Beyonce swivel, right? Your walk is totally and beautifully unique to you.

So I invite you to practice and it becomes actually I’ve done this with so many circles of women and men. And but especially for those of us that identify as female we have so much, very often trauma, shame, memories, stories locked in our hips, right. And so when we start to really tap in and allow those hips to move, not only does it circulate so much more energy for us, that’s now available to us to create with to manifest with to, you know, take care of ourselves and our loved ones with it can be super empowering. It also becomes like a moving meditation, because you’re gonna start to notice like, Oh, my goodness, I’m really kind of holding myself on that side or on both sides. And, you know, it’s. And once you start this exploration, you’re going to notice all the ways that you hold in the body, how comfortable do you feel in your body, how yourself are you, and the more you are yourself and comfortable in your skin, the more magnetic you are, the more you are present in your body, the more you are okay, with who you are in your body, the more powerful you show up, the more confident you not only appear, but actually feel right. It’s not about just looking confident, but that’s helpful, right? Sometimes you gotta fake it till you make it a little bit like, oh, yeah, she’s told me to let my hips move, she’s told me to, you know, like, lift my chest a little bit, open up my shoulders, right, we could have a whole thing just on posture and opening up the body, listen to my episode with the activator for the from the solar activator, in in honor of the solstice, right? That is totally a body and channel opener, right? We follow these rules, because the promise is to x and you’ll get why. If you do A, B, and C, you know, you’ll get the keys to the kingdom. And what I hear over and over again, from my clients, from people in my community, from people in audiences, when I’m speaking is I did all the things, I checked off all the boxes, I did everything you can feel, you know, you can feel they’re like, WT H and S, right, because they’re like, I did all the things. And this still happen to me, or my marriage still ended, or I still, you know, quote, unquote, failed in my career or my business or this still happened to me, or I’m not happy, I’m not fulfilled, like maybe they didn’t have like, nothing went, quote unquote, wrong, you know, they followed, they checked off the all the boxes, but then they didn’t, they didn’t have the happiness and fulfillment. That was the promise of that at the end of it. Right. And I find too, when we talk about the body, and especially when we talk about our hips, which cradle like our sacral, or our creative chakra, as well as like our root chakra at the base of our spine. And connecting to our Earth, this is our route, especially this is our safety. This is our baseline safety. And so if we’re feeling some kind of a way, or some kind of restricted way around this part of the body, it can actually it’s like an expression of the body not feeling safe. It’s just like Lisa was saying, if we’re putting that energy into hiding, defending, protecting, proving, until I put that aside, how can I really, you know, when I put that aside, let me rephrase, right. When I put that aside, now, what can I create Now who am I? It is profound. And so it’s just one of the many little and sometimes large ways that we embed programming in the body from a very young age. Either through, you know, the adults around us, our parents or, you know, or maybe our, our religious teachers, maybe our school teachers, you know, whoever it was that had that, you know, said those words looked at as a certain way that made us shut down some part of our body or our pleasure or a freedom in Our body is direct direct correlation to your magnetism, your power, your presence, right? I speak from experience. As I learned how to feel more and more at home in my body, I saw my magnetism, my power, not just on stage, but in every area of my life shift. This is the power of this work, right? In my own life, it allowed me to leave a marriage that wasn’t working for anyone that I was, you know, within which I was, I felt abused emotionally. I felt betrayed. And I like what gave me the strength. And the courage to choose myself was this feeling so at home in my body, what allowed me to be a better mother, feeling so at home, and free in my body, and knowing that I am enough, and knowing, you know, this is, this is it, you know, we think of body confidence, as just this kind of almost superficial thing. When what I what my experience has been that it’s actually like, when we begin to have that confidence in the body, it infiltrates every other part of our lives. And we show up differently, we show up totally differently. And it gives us the space and the you know, like the more of this energy that we free up, the less depleted we are, the more we can serve from overflow, the more that, you know, if we get an unkind word or a little something activates us. It can we can just so much easier, let it go. Right? Because we have more of that energy available to us. It’s, you know, confidence in the body means a soothed nervous system, a much more soothed nervous system, right? It means, you know, going through the day with that unshakable center. It really has very far reaching ramifications for your life, your business, how you lead how you show up in your relationships, and on your team, in your work and your life, which is why I named my podcast Why is body ancient soul? Because our body is our connection with our ancient soul, it is the soul physically focused, there is no distinction between body and soul. And it’s really like, we get this gift, where we can slowly like where we can unwrap it over time of just getting to know and getting to feel comfortable in our bodies. And as we do that, it just unlocks more and more creativity and power and love and freedom and energy. It’s pretty awesome. So from my heart to yours, I love you. Take what you need, sway your hips and pass it on. Thanks for joining me on wise body ancient soul. I hope it reminds you how magical and powerful you truly are. kindly subscribe rate and review this podcast. Some more juicy light bringers like you can hear these transmissions. And if you’re looking to connect more deeply with your body and souls wisdom. Visit Sheree si To learn how else we can play together. Here’s to your joy and wild success from my heart to yours. I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.

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