It’s never too late: how one story can change everything

“Your timing is perfect and elegant.”

Words I first heard Regena Thomashauer say—but she was not the first to teach me this lesson. The lesson that it is never too late, and that your timing is always perfect, I got because of the grace of a brilliant woman who passed through my life like a comet, Trudy Morse.

I had no idea at the time who she was at the time, but most important was the legacy she left behind, changing my consciousness and path because of her amazing stories, generously shared over the scant few days that we spent together. A truly extraordinary woman, learn how a late-in-life decision changed the trajectory of Trudy’s life forever—and how her stories changed the trajectory of mine.

It is never too late. Never too late to start something new, change careers, discover a new passion, plunge into a relationship, or start all over again. Your timing is perfect and elegant. “It’s too late” is a story we tell ourselves when we are afraid to do what we’re being called to do. So, with that limiting belief out of the way… Now, what do you want to do?

p.s. In an interview of Trudy Morse that I discovered while putting these show notes together, I actually learned more details about how she and Sun Ra met (see Resources below).


Watch the episode on YouTube here

For more on Trudy Morse, The World Mourns Passing of Great Humanitarian and a collection of articles in memoriam.

About Sun Ra and his Arkestra | And an interview with Trudy Morse about Sun Ra…! Their meeting wasn’t quite as spontaneous as I remembered, and I suspect it is my romanticized memory and not Trudy’s original telling that leads to the discrepancy. She had had a longtime interest in Sun Ra’s music, first hearing it in 1968, although didn’t meet him until 1990 or so. She was friends with Cecil Taylor, the jazz pianist; Cecil’s agent also represented Sun Ra; when she expressed an interest in meeting Sun Ra, the agent made the arrangements. (And that’s how she got backstage to talk to him…) The rest is true – she read poetry, hers as well as Sun Ra’s, as well as Cecil’s, and ended up performing with Sun Ra, and later honoring his memory through performances where she gathered local musicians to perform in the same spontaneous way that Sun Ra and his Arkestra did. (They would rehearse for hours… and then play totally different music in performance. And somehow, everyone and everything would fall into place.)

Professional organizer turned speaker, Lynn O’Dowd

Regena Thomashauer

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