Guided meditation for courage and confidence: a solar activation practice you can use anytime

Inspired by the summer solstice, this episode aims to “bottle” the longest day of the year’s potent energy so we can access it any time of the year for inspiration, confidence, and courage. Not only is the solstice an opportunity to connect with our powerful sun and solar energy, plugging our bodies into its warm, bright energy, it’s also a time to honor our ancestors, who would never let this day pass by unnoticed.

Get ready to embrace the warm, radiant energy of the sun as I guide you through a simple yet powerful channeled practice to move the sun’s rays through the energy centers of the body and integrate the sun’s intelligence into our cellular matrix. Unleash your courage, clarity, and creativity as you shine your unique light in the world. 


This episode was inspired by a live solstice event hosted by my brilliant friend Julie Reisler on Insight Timer. A great app and a great teacher!

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Ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul, sacred leadership, and our collective evolution? Welcome to the Wise Body, Ancient Soul podcast with me, your host, Charisse Sisou.

Welcome to this week’s episode of wise body ancients soul with Charisse Sisou. And I’m actually recording this on the summer solstice. And I really wanted to kind of bottle this energy and be able to share it in a way, you know, whether you’re tuning in, you know, this won’t be published until tomorrow… But whenever you listen to it or are called to listen to it, it’s really its effectiveness does not end after today. It’s really about taking this amazing solar energy, the gift of the longest day of the year in our hemisphere, right? 

And aligning our receiving of that energy and aligning our intentions with that energy so that we really mark and ground this moment in our bodies. 

So, one of the pathways to body wisdom is this connection with Earth, with the stars. With, you know, the solar system. The Universe. We are made of stardust, right? We’re made of the same stuff; let’s put it that way. And so what can sometimes happen in our modern day and age is that we sail right past these days that once upon a time had very great meaning. 

You know, I think of the Winter Solstice and that longest night of the year and how, how incredibly important and across traditions, you’ll see the emphasis on bringing light forth in that moment. You know, festivals of light, lighting candles, you know, just sort of balancing, as well as, you know, really welcoming and, and landing in that long night. 

With the summer solstice, we have the opposite, right? We have that golden energy of the sun pouring in, filling us with light. Really giving us this opportunity to connect with that energy, integrate it in the body, and then allow that to fuel us going forward. 

So I just wanted to offer a very simple way to integrate this energy and really, you can use it to process and integrate this energy of the solstice. You can use it to process and integrate anytime that you’re having a really wonderful day with the sun: maybe you’re walking in the sunshine or sunbathing, or any of those things, right? We can tap into that Father Sun, that Grandfather Sun energy, really at any time. Just today is such a really open invitation to us to do that. And it also allows us to dovetail in with ancestral patterns, stories, and histories. 

This would be a day that, regardless of, you know, our means of keeping time or keeping a calendar, our ancestors would have marked and noted this day, with a celebration, with a prayer, with a thought, with a ritual. It would not go by unheeded. 

And what I started to say earlier is that often in our modern day and age we almost enter this kind of, you know, like that casino relationship with time. We’re not, because we’re all surgically attached to our phones and stuff. So we’re constantly aware of what time is it, what time is it? The time is passing. And yet, at the same time, one day blends into the next, you know? We are binge-watching one day… Things blend and sift together, and some of these old holidays, festivals, and remembrances can get lost in the modern-day calendar, if they’re acknowledged at all.

So without further ado: Calling in the warm golden energy of the sun on this our solstice day, or whatever day you are called to listen to this episode or watch it. 

We’re just going to take this energy, move it through the body, receive its gifts, and give ourselves a moment to integrate. 

So take a moment. Right? If you can, kick off your shoes. You can do this seated, standing, lying down, whatever feels good for you. If you are able to get outside into the sun, on the earth, awesome. A sunny patch in front of a window–you know like a napping cat?–also works great. 

And, FYI, the sun, the sun’s rays come through the clouds, right? So even if it’s a cloudy day, like we know this: anyone who hasn’t worn sunscreen on the beach on a cloudy day and gets a burn anyway, or gets a little tan anyway, knows that, right? Those rays are coming through regardless. The plants are still growing. 

That exchange of energy that is that processing, right? Photosynthesis. What we’re getting ready for is our own photosynthesis integration to mark and integrate the solstice. Okay, so: 

Get into that comfortable, comfortable position. Kick off your shoes if you can. And let’s take a moment just to breathe and ground. 

You’ll breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, just releasing anything you brought into this episode that you don’t want to take with you out, you know what I mean? 

You can close your eyes if you so choose. If you are listening to this while driving, you know, feel free to hit pause, pull over, and take a moment with this. It will just be a few minutes of your time. Alternatively, listen, get the vibes, obviously keep your eyes open, keep safe. And return to this whenever you need that infusion of solar wisdom, of grandfatherly wisdom, of the daytime clarity that this light allows for us. A few more breaths…

If you wish, you can place a hand on your belly to feel it rise and fall. You can place a hand on your heart to feel that ebb and flow. If there’s any part of your body that’s feeling like it could use a little extra sun, feel free to breathe in and out of that place. Maybe it’s your throat chakra. Maybe it’s clearing some cobwebs there about speaking your truth. Let’s begin.

I want you to imagine the sun. Visualize the sun above you. That beautiful golden globe. Feel its warmth, feel its radiance. And then, like a crown, like the petals of a flower opening, blooming, your crown chakra is opening. So, this is the spot at the top of your head, opening to welcome that light in. Gentle, gentle, no force. 

And as I talk about this, always check in. Always check in with you. Does this feel good? If not, no. Don’t do it. Right? Whenever you are in any kind of a guided anything, you always check in with your intuition, with your body first. Does this feel good to me? It feels if it feels good to you to open the petals and welcome that sunshine in. Like an infant’s… you know, soft spot on its skull, just allowing that warm golden energy to come in. Right? If that feels a little vulnerable, just let it ooze down your head like like an egg yolk, like honey.

So, I will continue this metaphor as taking it inside, through the body. But always know that you have that option of letting it coat the outside, okay? And feel free to flutter, vacillate, back and forth. I do! 

As that golden energy is entering our crown, the top of our heads, really feel that connection to the sky. Feel that warmth, that clarity as it comes into the body with so much gentleness, yet brightness. Crystalline clarity. 

As you’re comfortable, we’ll bring it down into your third eye now, that point between your brows. This is to bring and allow that sunshine, that warm energy, to bring clarity. This is your place of visioning. What is it that you are co-creating right now? It begins here with the vision. Right? Is there anything that– 

Something that’s so beautiful about this time of year and about this energy is that it really is about a clearing of the shadows, a clearing of the cobwebs. A decluttering, right? Shadows are not a bad thing, right? Darkness is not a bad thing. It is from that that all things are created. But today, this energy is really about that light coming in. You know? Is there anything that needs to be decluttered from your third eye, from your vision, from your imagining, from your connection to your intuition, your imagination? Is there anything that you’re not allowing yourself to see? 

Let this gift of this warm sunlight give you the courage and the clarity to see–without judgment, with love, with so much love. As you feel ready, keep breathing as we do this! 

As you feel ready, bring that warm light now into your throat. Your throat chakra. This is our expression. I don’t know if you can feel it. I’ve got a little tickle in my throat. If you’re feeling like, as you bring that warm golden energy like you’re swallowing a giant golden egg or ball. Oh, maybe you want to yawn. Oh, I want to yawn right now. Allow however your body responds to that opening and clarity. Do you need to clear your throat? I’m going to do it right now.

Is there anything that longs to be said? As you–as the light seeps to all corners and is dusting the cobwebs, and bringing so much clarity. Illuminating all corners and aspects. I’m seeing like a honeycomb, illuminated. Right? What is it that wants to speak forth? Is there something that you’re ready to now say? That you can lean into the bravery, that courageous, lion-hearted energy of the sun.

With so much ease, we’re going to take that down and allow that sun to either gently coat the outside or the inside. Now we’re bringing that golden light, that golden illumination, to your heart. Allow it to mix with that lovely rose quartz energy of your heart, your open heart. Oh, I’m feeling this energy come in and just melting the walls around my heart, like wax softening in front of a sunlit window. 

So gentle, as you feel safe to let those walls come down. Let them soften first, right? We’re just letting– We’re bringing that energy, we’re bringing that light, the courage of sunshine, the clarity of sunshine, that clarity of a vision of loving. This is a give-and-take. As we receive this light, we strengthen our connection up and through and into the sun. 

Is there any part of you that could use a little more loving? Is there a relationship in your life that could use a little sunshine? A little clarity, a little communication, or clarity of vision, right? This is all, it’s all connected. We’re all connected. Just feel how that gives you so much strength and energy. Bravery.

We’re gonna let that energy move further down. Now coming into your solar plexus. Filling that like a golden bowl. I hear a golden gong ringing. Here is your power. So just as that sunshine beams upon the earth and makes things grow, this is our– it’s almost like this is our sunshine. Right? This is our solar plexus. Exactly. Like there’s no accident. That linkage in the language. This is where we project our power. Right. So really think about filling that and taking on that confidence that sunshine has. 

Sunlight never asks, “Hey, plant! Do you want me to shine on you today? I hope I’m not taking up any of your time.” Right? ‘Cause sunshine just– the sun just shines its light. It doesn’t scale back. You know, it doesn’t scale back, like, “Oh, I don’t want to make you feel less bright by being my bright self.” Right? So this is part of what we’re adapting, integrating into our cells. The intelligence that we’re weaving from that solar energy into our own cellular matrix. Of: What is the sunshine that I am here to beam? What is the light that I am here to shine? And how can I, just like sunshine, offer my warmth and light with so much confidence and courage, and without backing down, while at the same time, people can take care of themselves, right? They can take shelter; they can cover; they can wear a sun hat, right? 

We don’t need to be afraid of the power of our light. We are brave and courageous. I shine my light, like the sun, full wattage.

Taking that energy and moving it down now into our, this might be, you know, if you are were born or have these parts, down into your womb space; this is your sacral, your creative chakra.

This can often be a place of hidden shames for a lot of us, right? So we’re bringing that sunshine in, and we’re just allowing it to illuminate all corners, that beautiful cellular matrix of this space. 

What is it that you are longing to create? That, through the photosynthesis of this integration, this activation, you can top up, fuel up, store up that sunshine. Right. So that we can weave that into what we are creating. Without shame, without fear. Feeling that golden light, the awesomeness of it, as well as the gentleness of it. Yes. I know the sun is not always gentle, but for this activation, it is. 

We are in some challenging times. So whenever we can offer ourselves that compassion, that gentleness in our practice, in our ritual, in our ceremony, rock on, right? 

And then, finally, we’re going to take that light, and we’re going to bring it all the way down into our root chakra. And in this moment, I want you to allow yourself to take that, allow that light, to not only fill the cup of your root but really root you down and into the earth. So that now your body has become an infinity loop between the Sun and the Earth, from your head to your feet. Even if you’re lying down, it’s okay. You know, maybe that figure eight is moving through your body in more of a perpendicular fashion. Whatever makes the most sense to you at this moment.

Feeling that energy flow in, and now that we’ve taken all the way through the chakras, I’m seeing it like the double helix of our DNA: Same. With the rays of solar energy coming in, interweaving, we’re integrating that into our bodies. And allowing that overflow, that more than enoughness, to keep us connected to the sun and all the way down through our root chakra and down, through our feet into the earth. 

Let’s take a moment and allow yourself to feel that golden activation, that human photosynthesis, the infinity loop that’s matriculating through the body.

And now, as I bring this activation to a close, as above, so below. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm, the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. We’re going to bring that energy in, like a golden ball, like a golden snitch. And you’re just going to store that in your body so that you can tap this anytime you like. Feel free to nestle it in any of the chakras that were speaking to you today or any corner of your body that needs a little extra love, a little extra sunshine. Maybe it’s your lower back. Maybe it’s your right ankle. Maybe it’s that divine labyrinth in your ear that’s processing this language that’s coming in and integrating in your body right now.

Thank you for joining me for this Solstice activation. I hope that it was useful to you. From my heart to yours. I love you. Take what you need and pass it on. 

Thanks for joining me on Wise Body, Ancient Soul. I hope it reminds you how magical and powerful you truly are. Kindly subscribe, rate, and review this podcast so more juicy light bringers like you can hear these transmissions. And if you’re looking to connect more deeply with your body and soul’s wisdom, visit to learn how else we can play together. Here’s to your joy and wild success! From my heart to yours, I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.

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