Wonder if you’re ready? Trust your path. (Here’s why.)

Trust your path and where your body takes you. I talk about my experience visiting the Philippines and how my body played a vital role in connecting me with my mother’s homeland. 

I felt guided by my ancestors to heal intergenerational issues during this trip, which was amazing… And, it hasn’t always been this way. I haven’t always been conscious of my soul’s purpose at the moment—and that is totally okay. Because the body’s logic, the body’s intuition, will take you where you need to go, if you choose to heed the call. I share several examples with varying levels of “readiness” with the throughline: it was meant to be, even if I couldn’t see how all the pieces came together until later.

This episode is all about ancestral and intergenerational healing, past lives, purpose, timing, confidence, surrender, self love and acceptance, and how a major key to all of that lies in our relationship with the body.

So if you ever wonder if you were or are ready, if the timing was right, or if you could have had a better experience… I’m here to reassure you that your timing is perfect. Trust your path, and where your body takes you and show up whenever you get that call. We don’t have to be conscious of our path all the time, and we can trust our bodies to guide us in the right direction.

*NOTE: This episode was originally recorded as audio-only, so I populated the video with visuals from my trips to the Philippines and France. Enjoy!


Watch the episode here.

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Diving into the experience of returning to my mother’s land, the Philippines. How this was experienced in the body, down to familial ties – and 1:04

It hasn’t always been that way. 3:26

Trust your path and your body’s guidance. 6:00

An example from my own life of spiritual calling. 8:34

Speaking the language like I was born there. 10:52

Just trust your path. There are no accidents. 12:47

Often, our timing is connected to something bigger than ourselves, whether we’re aware of it or not. 14:19

Trust your body and your soul. There is always a part of you that knows who you are. 15:54

Transcript (coming soon)

Ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul, sacred leadership, and our collective evolution? Welcome to the Wise Body, Ancient Soul Podcast with me, your host, Charisse Sisou.

Wondering if you’re ready? Trust your path. And here’s why. 

We hold so much wisdom in the body. One of the things that I experienced visiting the Philippines, which is where my mother’s side of the family is from, is that my connection with my ancestral land happened a hundred percent through this vessel of the body, right? It was a hundred percent transmitted through my body, eating the foods, eating the fruit picked from the trees there, and feeling the earth under my feet. The Carole King song is in my head right now. I felt the earth move under my feet. But seriously, it was like even the color of the earth. This like rich red earth, the smells, you know, cracking open a mangosteen for the first time. I didn’t even know what they looked like. I like heard the word, I knew how to spell it, but I couldn’t even tell you what it tasted like or what it looked like. 


And then I saw this, you know, exotic, gorgeous fruit at the market, and they were like, oh, yeah, that’s a mangosteen. I was like, must have. And it’s incredible. It’s like this thick shell, and then you cut into that, and inside are these wedges, like orange wedges, but instead of those little segments, within the segments, there are these solid, translucent pieces of fruit, and it’s just astonishing and amazing, and the bottom line was, it had everything to do with this like visceral physical experience, including meeting like whole tribes of people to whom I was related. 

And I, I’m not joking about that. Like my mom’s hometown, it felt like every single person that I met, I was related to, like they were a cousin or a cousin once removed, or a cousin on my grandfather’s side or what have you. Like the mayor is my cousin. Okay, so it was wild. I’ve never experienced that level of familial ties or rootedness in any, anywhere that I’ve lived. I’m biracial. I’m half Filipino, half European, German and Danish on my dad’s side, and so even there in the Philippines, I didn’t a hundred percent belong. If you were to ask my relatives, you know, even though I’m meeting them and like we’re clearly related, they would tell you I’m white. 

Because of where I am in my journey, I knew heading over there that I was being called to heal some intergenerational stuff. I knew my ancestors were guiding my steps. It’s why this trip had seemingly materialized out of nowhere, and just had appeared in my path, and what I wanted to say, and really the point of this episode, is it hasn’t always been that way. 


I got the idea for this topic really because I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, medicine stories, and the host was talking about, did she and her guest were kind of talking about this idea of ancestral work, visiting those ancestral lands, and she confessed in passing, wondering had she been ready or if the timing had been right. 

She’d gone with her daughter who as a teen, like has her own needs and pulls on time. So she felt like her time wasn’t a hundred percent her own. The trip wasn’t like, every moment wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do, and so she was kind of feeling this pang of regret or you know, not regretting having gone, but just thinking like, oh, I’ll definitely need to go back. And, you know, quote-unquote, not, she didn’t use these words, but the essence was like, go back and do it right this time. You know, go back and do it consciously this time, and I really wanted to speak to that, that piece of when we go back and we look at something, and we’re asking ourselves like, were we ready? 

(I’m gonna move my thing around here so I can actually see the next, my next point. Cuz I will talk for an hour before getting to my next point if I don’t have some kind of reminder.) 

So listening to her talk about her experience, I really resonated with that. I’ve had those same feelings, you know what I mean? Like, had I known then what I know now, could that experience have been different? Could I have done even more healing? You know, like, what if I hadn’t also been dealing with whatever drama was going on in my life, right? In short, was I ready? Could it have been better? Could I have been better in that experience? And just like when I was listening to that podcast and I wanted to kind of like reach through my earbuds and say like, yes, your timing is perfect and elegant. 


It was exact. It happened exactly the way it was meant to happen, right? You are, and were right on time, and I say this to reassure and also remind myself because these thoughts come up all the time, right?

Trust your path and your body’s guidance to show up wherever and whenever you get that call. Okay, I’m gonna say that again cuz it’s that important. Trust your path and your body’s guidance to show up wherever and whenever you get that call. 

Because guess what? Whether you are conscious of it or not, your ancestors did guide you there, okay? Or your own soul beckoning to you from a prior lifetime, right? The messages came to you through an instinct of feeling to go and you heated that call and maybe you weren’t consciously engaged at that time or don’t feel ready now. 

And what I got so strongly on my trip to my motherland, right? As I scooped and ate the most exquisite papaya or sections of mangosteen, or heard my relatives laughter, or saw a million and one sights that read home to my DNA, it was that you don’t always have to know or be consciously engaged in, and now I am healing my ancestral line, or I am aware that I am uploading codes and downloading information and inform, healing my bloodline because that’s all well and good. And it’s a yes, it is awesome to be like super aware of that, and we don’t have to be, because it happens in the alchemy of our bodies and the alchemy of your bodies simply by being you and heating your soul’s call. Just trust that, trust yourself. 


I repeat that for me. Trust yourself, Charisse. Trust that the moment that you’re called is the moment that you’re 100% ready. 

Because there’s so much that happens behind the scenes underneath it all that we may or may not be aware of, right? Our ancestors’ dreams and wisdom passed down through blood and bone, our own souls mandate as we came into the body. We’re not always aware at the moment when we’re fulfilling a soul contract or learning a lesson, we aim to learn before coming into the body. 

So a great example from my own life, I studied French in high school. Actually, I think I started in grade school and there was a foreign exchange program that was offered and paid for by the school, and of course, I signed up. I was 15 years old, and it just sounded amazing, right? It would be decades before I recalled my lifetimes in the south of France where the sacred feminine was revered for thousands of years. Generations of priestesses, sisters, and initiates lived and died there, and I was one of them more than once, and that realization didn’t come in really vividly for me until just a few years ago, and that is a story for another episode… 

And yet there I was, called to the south of France at age 15 with all my insecurities and issues. And yeah, like, let’s just say I was not tuned in at all to past lives or ancestral whatever. I was just deep in my painful experience as an adolescent, you know, like wrestling with depression and anxiety. So I’m on this exchange program, we spend a week in Paris, and then we spend three weeks with a host family, and my host family was in Lourdes of all places. 


Now, Lourdes is famous for its healing waters and connection with the holy mother. If you happen to have been raised Catholic, you might be familiar with it, you might even have a little vial of holy water from this place, but I was not raised terribly religiously. And so I had no idea of the significance of this place. And guess what, I was the only person on the program that was called to that village. No other, right? Literally millions of people make pilgrimages to this town for the sacred grotto that is there, and the healing waters, right? So I was aware of none of this and yet was still called there, right? I was the only student there. 

I started speaking the language like I was born there. Like I came back with this really strong southern French accent that kind of blew my class away, right? And what I can tell you is there were so many things that still needed to be healed yet in my young body at that age, right? I, for one thing, I was so shy, and this was one of the ways that my anxiety played out. I just got there, and I was like, what am I doing here? And who are these people? 

And I just, I remember arriving at the home of my French family and being shown to my room and I didn’t wanna come back out. Like I literally made this sign, like with my little ballpoint pen. I just like scribbled out the sign that said “Bonne nuit.” [Good night.] And somehow I put it on the door. I don’t know how I did this, or maybe I don’t know, maybe I tented it and put it on a little thing in the hallway outside my door. Anyway, I figured out some way because I’m like, where did I get tape? Like, I just have this, I, all I know is I didn’t even say, Hey guys, goodnight. 


I’m just gonna, I’m feeling really tired. I’m just gonna go to bed. Which would’ve been so adulty, right? I was like, yikes. And I got in there, and I did not wanna come out. So I made this sign and I was like, “Bonne nuit,” and I stuck it on my door and I did not come out of my room until morning. 

And  I, in hindsight, I’m like, oh my God, they, I know that they had this like meal planned for me that they were like, who is this girl that we’re sharing our home with for the next three weeks? Like, looking forward to meeting me and getting to know me, and it’s just like, oh God. Like how socially awkward and who knows what was going through their heads? 

But anyway, in spite of all that, in spite of all of that, right? The seeds were planted, and information was being uploaded and downloaded. In fact, this experience helped pave the way for my later remembering those earlier lifetimes, right? It helped prepare me for later downloads when I got that kind of full-on, tears gushing down the cheeks, visceral remembering of being a part of that sisterhood. 

So I just wanted to put this out there because: Trust, just trust your path. Trust your body. Just trust it. Trust where your body takes you. 

When you’re called to go to Glastonbury or the Philippines or the Black Hills of South Dakota or wherever, even though maybe it isn’t under the circumstances, you might prefer to trust the call. There are no accidents. In fact, that argument you might have had on your trip, let’s say with your daughter, right, may have been part of ancestral healing that needed to happen, right? You may have been processing, processing echoes of the past healing, or bringing forward knowledge or wisdom, right? 


What you’ll find is looking back, you’ll go, “Oh, that’s why I was there.” 

It’s like, at the time I had no connection with the sacred feminine. I didn’t even know She was a thing. All of my learnings had been strictly within the sort of Judeo-Christian tradition and pretty light with that. 

Cause I think my mom when she came here, really in a way wanted to start a clean slate, and so we weren’t like huge churchgoers, and even if I had been, that just would’ve like further alienated me from Divine Mother, right? 

So all that to say like it was only in hindsight that it was like, oh my gosh, of course, of course, of course. That’s where I was called. Of course, I was there physically in person, right? My body interacted with this environment that my soul knew so well. 

As you progress down the path, the pieces will fall into place. Why a particular place? Add a particular age under those exact circumstances. So you might be thinking, oh my gosh, I was called there when I was 21. I was so not ready to do the work. 

And yet you were probably called there at age 21, me there at age 15, because something momentous happened to an ancestor or in a past life at that age, there never is any accident. So trust. 

Trust that there is always a part of you that knows who you are and the why’s and wherefores behind what is happening at any given moment. 


That part resides in your beautiful, sacred body. And as you learn to trust that instrument of your soul, that physical focus of your soul, that temple of your soul, as you learn to trust your body, it just makes things so much easier and the journey that much richer. 

So, happy travels, from my heart to yours. I love you. Take what you need and pass it on. 

Thanks for joining me on Wise Body, Ancient Soul. I hope it reminds you how powerful and magical you truly are. If you’re looking to connect more deeply with the wisdom your body and soul carry, it would be my honor to guide you. 

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From my heart to yours, I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.

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