Wonder if you’re ready? Trust your path. (Here’s why.)

Trust your path and where your body takes you. I talk about my experience visiting the Philippines and how my body played a vital role in connecting me with my mother’s homeland. 

I felt guided by my ancestors to heal intergenerational issues during this trip, which was amazing… And, it hasn’t always been this way. I haven’t always been conscious of my soul’s purpose at the moment—and that is totally okay. Because the body’s logic, the body’s intuition, will take you where you need to go, if you choose to heed the call. I share several examples with varying levels of “readiness” with the throughline: it was meant to be, even if I couldn’t see how all the pieces came together until later.

This episode is all about ancestral and intergenerational healing, past lives, purpose, timing, confidence, surrender, self love and acceptance, and how a major key to all of that lies in our relationship with the body.

So if you ever wonder if you were or are ready, if the timing was right, or if you could have had a better experience… I’m here to reassure you that your timing is perfect. Trust your path, and where your body takes you and show up whenever you get that call. We don’t have to be conscious of our path all the time, and we can trust our bodies to guide us in the right direction.

*NOTE: This episode was originally recorded as audio-only, so I populated the video with visuals from my trips to the Philippines and France. Enjoy!


Watch the episode here.

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Diving into the experience of returning to my mother’s land, the Philippines. How this was experienced in the body, down to familial ties – and 1:04

It hasn’t always been that way. 3:26

Trust your path and your body’s guidance. 6:00

An example from my own life of spiritual calling. 8:34

Speaking the language like I was born there. 10:52

Just trust your path. There are no accidents. 12:47

Often, our timing is connected to something bigger than ourselves, whether we’re aware of it or not. 14:19

Trust your body and your soul. There is always a part of you that knows who you are. 15:54

Transcript (coming soon)

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