Learn your life’s purpose(s) & soul contracts through the Akashic records – with Lisa Barnett

Buckle up, buttercup! We jump straight into the deep end of the pool in this fascinating conversation with four-time author, Akashic record expert, and my dear friend, Lisa Barnett. Our conversation ranges all over as she talks about her latest book, AKASHA, the Akashic records and what they can tell us about our multiple life purposes, including sacred travel, soul contracts, and big collective contracts that many of us have incarnated for this time around: Earth guardian- and protectorship (Standing Rock, anyone??), balancing divine feminine and masculine energies on the planet, and delivering “keys” or “codes” wherever we’re called to go in service to co-creating the New Earth. Oh, we go there, and get galactic, people! Lisa talks about her origins on Sirius, an early lifetime as a whale when she pledged her devotion to Gaia, and sheds light on why embodiment and groundedness is more important than ever. One of my favorite moments: when she talks about our sacred contract with our bodies, incarnating here on earth.

If you are new to Akashic records and the soul’s path, in a nutshell, the Akashic records are like a “library” or “cloud drive” that holds every detail from every lifetime you’ve ever lived, here and elsewhere in the Uni/mulitiverse. Lisa makes this esoteric knowledge accessible like no one I know – check out her links below to learn anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Akashic records and more.


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Common Sentience Book Series

The episode I reference about sacred travel, ancestral healing, and uploading and downloading keys or codes as I’m called


Charisse Sisou  0:02  

Ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul, sacred leadership, and our collective evolution? Welcome to the Wise Body, Ancient Soul podcast with me, your host, Charisse Sisou.

Charisse Sisou  0:23  

Hello and welcome. I am so delighted today to bring my dear friend Lisa Barnett on to share with us her wisdom. And I could say a million things about Lisa but I will share her official bio so that we’re starting on the same page at Lisa Barnett. Besides being just a wonderful light on the planet, and someone that I am lucky to call friend. She is the founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, where she has taught 1000s of students worldwide to access personal soul wisdom and guidance to transform their lives, working directly with their personal Akashic Record. She is also the international best-selling author of four books on the Akashic records and today we’ll talk about her newest book Akasha. With more than 25 years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa teaches these simple tools which empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance and health. Lisa helps you align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows. So excited to welcome to Wise Body, Ancient Soul. Lisa Barnett.

Lisa Barnett  1:44  

Oh, I so love you. And I’m so excited to be here with you and get to talk about a brand new book Akash.

Lisa Barnett  1:55  

Thank you for having me on. Thank you for letting me share this wisdom.

Charisse Sisou  2:00  

My pleasure, my absolute pleasure, really. And truly. And as we were just talking about before we hopped on one of the things that makes this your newest book different. Is that it? Is this kind of coming together of multiple perspectives. Tell me more about that. Like how did that come to be? How did that idea come to be?

Lisa Barnett  2:23  

Well, so I am actually part of a series of books. I am the 11th book in the series. And the idea of common sentience, which is the name of the whole series by sacred stories publishing is that we take the author’s wisdom, so my wisdom about the Akashic records and Akasha along with I have 20 people who have written stories about their experiences, and how their experience in the Akasha has actually transformed their lives and their phenomenal stories. And so we’ve book ended the stories with the first part, which I really explain all about the Akashic records about your soul plan, how it can help and support you to really make transformation, transformational choices in your life. And then the third part is, again, I actually teach my five step wisdom prayer system. I teach you how to access your own Akashic records in this brand new book. So it really has wisdom about the Akasha stories that have people’s experiences of accessing this wisdom. And then I teach you how to do that, along with quite a few kinds of visualizations, Akashic Record tools that I’ve been given. So the book is really chock full of really everything that I’ve been teaching over the last 25 years.

Charisse Sisou  4:12  

Yeah, and I, I so appreciate it. I love that. I love that it it is bookended in that way, where you have an introduction for people who are perhaps new, what I love is that more and more people do know about the Akash, the Akasha, the Akashic records, more than I would say, at any other time and, but even in this period of awakening, it’s so great to just have that introduction there. So it almost almost like you know, pull some some high level summaries from some of your URL, you know, they can also then dive deeper with your earlier books, which I love. And but I think That’s really fantastic. And I, I’m a big believer, especially in this podcast, we tell a lot of stories. And I just believe that that’s the way that we learn. It’s been the way that we’ve learned since the beginning. And so I do love that there’s all these personal stories, how did how were the people who contributed, how are they chosen, were they, your clients, your students,

Lisa Barnett  5:26  

you know that many of them are both of those, my clients, and many of my students have written stories. So we recently sent out a call for stories. And that’s part of what sacred stories publishing does with these, Claire, with these common sentience books is they, they send out a call for stories on the Akasha. And I, of course, you know, emailed it to my 1000s of students that I’ve taught over the last 25 years around the world. And, and then, you know, they picked 20, because, you know, you can only put so much in a book. And really 20 of the juiciest stories are in here. So it’s really, really exciting. Because, of course, as I say, some are my students. And then to read the story that they wrote, was so kind of exciting, and even eye opening for me, one of the women I actually had done, worked with her as a client, and she was also a student. And she was working with some property, some land she had in Ireland, and she really built a big house. And then her whole family along with her fell sick. And she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was a brand new building. And really, we realized, as I have, you know, experienced numerous times and doing Akashic readings for people, that sometimes the land has its own energy, and may not want us there, or there may be old energy, old, some old dark energy that we can clear. And so she had this really profound experience and did so much work on the land through the Akashic records. So I will, I won’t spoil the story. But it was like, wow, you kind of took what we started in a reading and with your experience, and having learned to read your own records through my online courses, she just went really deep, made huge choices. She after doing a lot of ancestral healing, because she is from Ireland, and there had been a lot of wars on that land. And she was to do some clearing around that. After doing her work, she made a new choice. And so it’s, to me it just so phenomenal to see how powerful the Akashic records are when you use them and allow them to guide and help you make new choices and to really, truly transform your life that way. Yeah, yes.

Charisse Sisou  8:19  

Well, you know, oh, my gosh, well, I, I have the pleasure of, I still have not, I still have more stories to read. But I had the pleasure of, of really skimming through and trying to glean as much I loved the summarizing, I loved your story. I didn’t want to give any spoilers away. One, no,

Lisa Barnett  8:40  

there’s two in there. I, well,

Charisse Sisou  8:43  

I read the first I read. So I read the first one about, I can say this, because it’s the Table of Contents. It’s like, yeah, life is a whale. And I have to share this because that was so confirming for me because I was in. I was in Hawaii for the first time in January. And I met the teacher one of the teachers that I was training with, I was there to belly dance and the lovely woman that was hosting the retreat, we did this beautiful opening ceremony. And in so we learned the Aloha, which is really where you, you know, forehead to forehead and you share a breath together. And as I’m looking deep in her eyes, I was like, she was a dolphin. And I was like, Am I making this up? And then when I read that story, I was like, No, I wasn’t making that up. I was really I was like, This is why because I just had this like understanding is I was looking into her beautiful eyes and her playful. Just she has this playful, bright energy. And I was like, Oh, this is why she likes Maui so much. This is why she loves these islands and you know had been coming back there for many years before finally making a home there. And so when you shared YOUR Story was like, Ah, okay, that makes sense, because I didn’t, you know, I am also on my learning journey of, you know, in terms of the different lifetimes and how we can express in all kinds of ways, places in the universe and in the solar system, Space System, whatever we want to call it, et cetera. So, and I love that you bring all that together in such an accessible way. Easy to,

Lisa Barnett  10:33  

again, the kind of the joy of this particular book is that it’s a perfect book, if you’re a beginner, if you feel like, Oh, I’ve heard about the Akashic records. I know people talk about it. I’m not 100% Sure. You know, what is there? Sometimes students come to me and they say, Why No, there’s past life information. But what else? You know, what else can it do for you? How well can it help me, maybe I don’t really care about my past lives. But one of the ways it can really support you is that before you embody every single time you decide you’re coming back to Earth or anywhere else, you say, I want to make a plan, I have lots to do, and I’m there. And so I have people that I want to share my life with, I have soul sisters, like you, you know, sharees and I feel like there’s Yeah, and there’s people you know, are sometimes it’s children or, or significant partners, or sometimes it’s parents, sometimes it’s not, but we want to bring gifts and talents that we’ve honed in other lifetimes. And so when I’m looking at past lives, in a reading, I’m not looking for lifetimes, where you were famous, I’m looking for lifetimes, where you had honed a gift or a talent, you had a wisdom, you had that already done and you know actualized, and it’s that gift you want to bring forward in this lifetime now. And so, depends literally go and look at some of these lifetimes where maybe you’ve been a healer, or for you, possibly you had many of those belly dancing lives. And so it was like a natural for you. That was a gift that was already built into the energy of the body you packed and you know, the lineage we pick, it’s we really make so many choices about our life. And it’s all written in your Akashic records. And so it helps us to figure out what is not just my purpose, because purpose, we have many purposes, but it’s our soul contracts with other people are part of our purpose is to, to support these people or sometimes to teach or to learn from them. Sometimes there’s karmic patterns attached to that. So that’s our soul growth and our learning. So all of that I really explain in the first part of the book, and I even go into talking about how the Akashic records is part of the quantum field of source and what that actually means to us in accessing past life energy, and to do phenomenal quantum healing through your Akashic records. So really, lots of juicy information. And then of course, we have these amazing stories.

Charisse Sisou  13:44  

Yeah, yeah. Well, I find I where I’m so fascinated, is that intersection where because I, I 100% believe in that piece that we’re we come in with a plan we come in with so much intention, kind of putting all the pieces together and it’s so complex and sophisticated. Like it really boggles my mind sometime when I really sit back and think about it because it’s too it’s it also feels like you know, we’re not the only ones that party our ancestors like our you know what I mean? It’s like a whole I like to call it my my wisdom Council, you know, what I mean? Where we make this plan, I’m so interested in where it interacts with the body and how everything is so perfectly does that like you were talking about me with the dance, for example, and I did have that experience where my first class in it was like, I felt so at home and I remember you know, I once was dancing at a club in Las Vegas and the just just playing like with the dancer that was there, she was performing and I just hopped up and joined her and we were just riffing off of each other. And she’s trying to tell the owner later like go yeah, she’s, she’s from Chicago. And he was like, no, no, no. And I was like, she’s like, No, really, she’s, she’s a Chicago dancer. She’s just here visiting, I was there for a business thing. And, and he’s like, No, she’s not from Chicago, only out of a Coleman move like that, right. And he said it and, and I was, like, very flattered by the compliment. But also felt that it was something that I came in with, I had the same experience. In hula, I was like, second class in and I didn’t move. And the teacher just looked at me and blinked. And she was like, in 25 years of teaching, no one has picked up that move. Just like that. And by then, I was kind of very comfortable. So I with this idea of past lives, and I just knew I was like, Yeah, because I’ve been, I’ve been there many times.

Lisa Barnett  15:55  

Right? It’s not a once or twice thing. It’s many, many lives. And in, you know, in all sorts of countries in the Middle East and and Egypt, and all of these countries where, where we’ve learned so many interesting gifts, like the dance, but the priestess energy, and a lot of the wisdom keepers have spent a lot of lives in, in these countries back 1000s and 1000s. of years ago. So yeah, it’s so fun when it starts to show up in our lives really clearly, like it does for you. sharees. But it is one of the ways that we can even start to hone in on on some of our purposes, because it’s often that thing that comes so easy. It’s just like, Oh, I feel that in my heart, and I love them. That’s so joyful. And and it’s easy.

Charisse Sisou  16:49  

Yeah. Right. There’s pleasure. There’s like, it’s almost like these, these breadcrumbs that we leave for ourselves, like the pleasure, the joy, the ease is like, oh, okay, pay attention. This is important. And I find to like the, the wisdom that we go to bring for, it’s all connected, right? That the past lives that are the most impactful on our current life. And I’d love for you to speak to this. I see as the ones that are the ones that are closest to like, I’m remembering that lifetime, because it’s important to what one of my purposes is here, right and or contracts and all of that stuff. Tell me more about that. Because of course, we have so many lives, so many with this whole library. Tell me more about that, you know, that unique combination of the ones that we kind of come in with or that are closest to our current life. Yeah, and it’s so

Lisa Barnett  17:50  

it’s so beautiful, because one of the ways it works is that we have personal soul contracts, we have gifts and talents. And then we have kind of collective or group contracts. And so there’s a couple of really big collective group contracts on the planet right now. And one of them is about rebalancing divine masculine and divine feminine energy. Because the record keepers say that the male and the female energy are so out of balance right now, until we rebalance. And that means equal, not a flip, but really equal. Totally, we will not really be able to create the new earth and and literally ascend energetically, which is part of what we’re here to do. And that doesn’t mean ascend in a, you know, a starship or die or anything else. It’s about recreating the world and creating this new Earth that’s in balance that is in love, and peace and joy, where, you know, everybody is balanced. We come back into community and stop being the lone wolf, all of these kinds of things. So, part of your contract is very much about helping women to step into their divine feminine power, their gifts and talents. And again, one of the old programs on the planet is very much about lack of worthiness or about self doubt. Of course, there’s been a lot of abuse and really, even women have been very enslaved, of course, literally, through history. But even energetically, when we look back over the last even a few 100 years, it was like we were still chattel, right, we were still basically owned you were the you were the the woman that had the kids who played in the House who walked miles for the water. And it is still happening in enough, you know, countries on the planet, that there are 1000s and 1000s of women with that contract. And so we bring in all these pieces. So it’s interesting, because we’re so unique. So you bring in this piece of, of the dance and the wisdom, but I know you bring in that awareness of, of the shame that was attached to different parts. And so your book, right, Shameless, is a profound way to share your story, and how that leads to you and your soul contract around helping women to move past their shame, to own their power, their beauty, their divine feminine energy. And so they’re very big and very profound contracts that we have come to shift. And so we can start to look at some of the other lifetimes, where we’ve actually actualized that, where we’ve been part of an ancient mystery school, where we were part of the Divine Feminine goddess temples and healing centers in again, 1000s of years ago, many of them in Persia and, and even Egypt and, and the Middle East of many of these places. And so we can tap into the wisdom that we already hold, to help us and support us in doing the work that we have decided to do. And so it’s very beautiful, when we can start to even get that validation, when we see that we were wisdom keepers, when we know that we were divine goddess, you know, feminine healers in some of these ancient mystery schools, when we can own that, that we can energetically again, through this quantum field of the all where the Akash is stored, we can start to energetically bring those codes into this body now, realigning that with your life, right to build those bridges to go forward. Yeah, so you are talking.

Charisse Sisou  22:33  

Yeah, if you are speaking my language right now, because this is what you and you said something so beautifully in your book that I talked about in shameless as well, because I kind of think of this is gonna sound weird, but I kind of think of shame is like a battery, not a battery, so much is like, bound energy, right. And when we release it, that now becomes energy that’s available to us to use, but there’s also it’s like, behind that behind the trauma, because really, it’s like, where does that come from? It comes from trauma. Behind that, is that Colonel that nugget of wisdom, that intelligence that we’re needing now, and you said something very similar in your book about, you know, once we’re able to get past the healing part, the healing of that trauma, right? Because speaking of the mystery schools and the priestesses like, you know, we didn’t shift into a different system like peacefully it was, it was like you said very often quite, you know, drastic and you know, and then you start to layer that as well with them you know, not just kind of that masculine feminine, but different permutations of that where people of different races people of different backgrounds were considered property or less than or you know, were colonized enslaved, etc. So you you start to layer all of that stuff on and that first step right is in the kind of the revealing the healing, the RE integrating. And then you said something really cool that I would love for you do expound on some more, which is then that unlocks these codes. That can then be like reassimilated reintegrated into the body. Tell me more about that.

Lisa Barnett  24:25  

Right. So the truth is, is that we are so friggin ancient, very few people ever wrap their brain around. So I know personally that I have lived on earth over 1000 times. Now, let me just say how appalling that has been. So anyway, you know, because my story is that when I was about three years old, I realized I was like, I In a body, I’m trapped back in this body. Oh my gosh, you’re kind of I remember this little toddler trying to have a conversation with my mother and being like, who?

Lisa Barnett  25:11  

Why doesn’t she understand me? Because I’m talking baby talk. Like, right? Now aware, yeah.

Lisa Barnett  25:23  

And of course, you know, the reason that I had that kind of experiences that I had 1000 lifetimes where I’ve done many things, and this time, I’m like, Yes, it’s here, going back in, I’m helping to re anchor the cashback on the planet because it had been pulled away by the record keepers in the dark ages. So 1000 years ago, we’ve literally been without access to our own Akashic records, because we misuse that energy. And so and I talk really, I do talk about some of this in the book and about this amazing quantum field, and how we also have all these galactic lives. And so then I can go back and look at some of these lives. Because I am very Syrian, I’m from the Dogstar serious, I am very water, very myrrh, you know, mermaid merpeople. Also, again, the blue, that energy is very water and, and that’s from other, you know, stars lives where I’ve lived on Sirius and other kind of water worlds. And so everything we do is written, it is all energetically recorded in your own personal library, which we often call the Akashic records. And it is there and it holds very much energetically some of these codes, or sometimes we call them keys. Because, again, when we’re writing that plan, we’re like, I want to bring back that key that opens that wisdom of the Akasha. Again, so that I can access that in this life, where I wouldn’t have brought that code or that key back 500 years ago, because it wasn’t time, right? It, the planet wasn’t ready, the energy on the earth wasn’t high enough, the alignment, the galactic alignment that we’re experiencing now. Right with the galactic center, energetically, is moving us into a new golden age, which again, we haven’t had in, I don’t know how many 1000s of years, but a lot of, you know, we we we energetically it’s not only are you writing out a plan and saying I want to have these, you know, I’m going to play with my soul family, I’m going to have these parents who hold some energy wisdoms. So in are often in our genetic lineage, our ancestral lineage, there are energetic keys and codes that help us wake up and remember, and, and sometimes trigger and so sometimes it’s more challenging or painful, and sometimes they’re their triggers. around helping us to wake up, right, so much of the trauma that we experience we put there, we choose to have that in our lives, we pick that family, so that we can get triggered by that pattern, do our own healing for ourselves, and often for our ancestral lineage and our family, our, our family of origin in that moment, too. As well as learning, growing and sharing, right? All have that that we have learned. And so these energetic codes, really, we hold always all of us in our energy field in our body. And it’s part of what draws us to each other. It’s like, oh, I unders I kind of recognize that energy or I can I have a matching energy. So we’re magnetic in that way. So we’re drawing people to us, who are here, you know, energetically, magnetically to help us to support us to learn from us to for us to learn from to have as our children or our or our significant partners. And so all of these energies of codes are here to really help us as we’re moving forward, creating this new Earth this New Energy, and for us as lightworkers it’s almost a way to build a bridge is probably The easiest way so I sometimes look at it, like these, these codes almost as like bricks, if you were building a brick and mortar, bridge over to the other side over the old energy to the new earth, those are the codes that are helping me to build that bridge drawing students and, and clients and you know, people to read the book so that they can start to pick up these cones in these energies and start to build their own bridges. So it’s beautiful, and we all have our own versions of them. And as lightworkers. You know, we, that’s part of what we have come to do. And that’s really how we do it in the unseen realms in the multi dimensional realms.

Charisse Sisou  30:56  

Ah, so juicy, everything you just said. I wanted to just hop back for a moment, I know, because I really want to ask about how this interacts with the body because I, my, my intuitive senses that it’s, it’s connected, even when we talk about, you know, unlocking and keys, I think of like DNA activations, like I think about information that’s stored in the body, some of which, like, depending on what timeline we’re dropping into, right? What is appropriate to bring forward versus other times and kind of, like activating those parts? Is that would that does that make sense? Like, is that?

Lisa Barnett  31:46  

Oh, absolutely. So often, we are kind of looking for and, you know, searching for hoping, you know, aligning to some of these other people, because we actually have, it’s, it’s a matching kind of activation, it’s like, if you know, if I hold the key, and you hold a key and there say there are five of us who created some pattern in a past life, that maybe it’s time to release, and, and delete that pattern, because it’s a program that is not helpful for us anymore, like the one of shame, right. And so, five of us are kind of looking for each other 90% of the time, it’s pretty unconscious, let’s say, to bring those five keys together, and maybe through a ceremony or even a conversation or a creation, maybe we create a business together or we just all become best friends, we are bringing those keys together so we can consciously or unconsciously literally start to unlock unravel some of these old programs that we’ve written, wow, that’s energetically right, we’re holding them and so it’s pretty profound and you know, it’s an interesting thing when it comes to sacred travel very similar. So, again, we hold these keys and these types of codes that most of us are unconscious of. And then sometimes we are called for some, you know, kind of random reason somebody shows up and, and they’re leading a trip to, you know, to Scotland or to Egypt or to wherever it might be Peru and you’re like I have to go I’m just called no idea why. Well likelihood is you hold some keys that are are calling you there. Right and I know on my last trip to Scotland, I am a very warm water person. Let me just say my water is all about something warm right to wherever that is that could be the Caribbean or Hawaii or Thailand or Bali or you know

Charisse Sisou  34:18  

that Lake Michigan after the winter no good blending for you.

Lisa Barnett  34:28  

But, but I was really called my daughter decided to go to Edinburgh University and I was called to take the whole family and travel all over Scotland, but not just anywhere. Of course I was called to go to all these ancient standing stones. So we went out to the Outer Hebrides island where you had to take a three hour ferry out there to see the Callanish stones, and I hugged every one of those stones because those stones hold on Energy. And I know there was an energy transfer of what I was holding from I’m going to say 15 to 20,000 years ago because those stones were not put there in modern time. I mean, they were, yeah, they were buried deep. They’re so old. And, and I was there, I know it was a past life. So I know there was a code or some keys that I was holding. And so I was hugging them and giving that back and receiving some of that gift of that energy in that remembrance. And there was another big piece that I realized was that Scotland also holds. It’s called the Albion light body, which is divine masculine energy. And while I was there I went to to the Isle of Iona, which was an ancient ancient again, a church has been built upon it, but there was a very ancient site underneath it. Again, divine feminine. It was even a monastery for women, the Isle of Iona. And, and then I went to the beautiful, I want to draw a blank on the name, the Chapel of Rosslyn Chapel, which is pure divine, feminine again. So what I felt was I was literally moving energy around Scotland. So holding all the Divine Feminine going to Rosalyn going to these aisles hugging these stones right going on to Iona. So it’s like, and I didn’t really have to do anything, but say yes. And do it. Right. Right. Right. Was the point. Right, so

Charisse Sisou  36:58  

I was actually writing I did an episode on something about that. Just a few a few episodes ago, regarding my travel to France, as well as more recently to the Philippines where I just felt like I could feel and what fascinates me too, and what I love, even about the story that you told, like hugging the stones, is that this is all happening through the body, right? It’s like this really fantastic, you know, energetic exchange, and yet it’s still happening here, which I think is so cool, where are you got that feeling to go? Like, you know, we got that feeling to go somehow after not being to the Philippines for years and years and years and years. It was like the whole family, we went together. And I just knew that I knew that I was there to move energy around to heal some stuff for my family for my ancestors, too. And they were like, it was like a, almost like you’re pulling up a long buried thread or root root rarely more than like that because it was like, Okay, now that you’ve done that, now we can start getting into the, the colonization, okay, now we can get into and it just goes deeper and deeper. And, but I remember reading about stuff like that, like reading about people saying, like, Oh, I’ve got this key that I you know, like Matias de Stefano, or like listening to you talk about and I was like, Wow, I wonder what that’s like. And now that this stuff is actually happening to me. And that is something I’m reading about in books, it really is largely unconscious, and where you’ll just find yourself call to go some and just trust, just trust the call. And sometimes it’ll be you know, I’ll just be walking a neighborhood in Chicago, and it’ll be like, hey, go down this road, or I was in New Orleans, last September speaking, and we ended up I ended up on a walking tour with a woman who was like basically a priestess from not voodoo and but like, the religion that precedes it, right? And I was like, whoa, what are we both doing on this tour? And we ended up in a clearing where enslaved people would gather and dance on their one like free afternoon, and you could feel the trees like just how much was in the land of like that time. And that energy and we just, we just stood in the center and just allowed ourselves to be just vessels to move the energy around, like, there were there, there was energies that wanted to leave, and go to the other side, there were energies that just were looking for healing and a witness, you know, and it was really wild, you know, and, but I was there for a completely other reason, right. And I was just like, Oh, this looks like fun. This walking tour, this looks like a fun time. And then before, you know, you’re doing like, oh, my gosh, I’m doing like, you know, land healing. And it just, it happens by virtue of our body, sometimes just being in that right place at the right time. And trusting our instincts, whether it’s to, you know,

Lisa Barnett  40:47  

those are both are so huge, trusting. During the middle of COVID, 2020, I went on a tour to Egypt, right. And then remember, which was phenomenal. And there was no one there, which was so extra phenomenal, we got to sit in these sacred sites and temples for hours with no one there, you know, you could just, whatever, soak it in, and it but then, a few months later, I was in the Yucatan, at citta, Anita, another sacred site, another pyramid. And then three months later, I was at the Bosnian pyramids, and I was I at the, at the end, I looked back and I said, Oh, my gosh, in nine months, I was called to three continents, and three pure pyramid groups. It was not planned, I’m not going to be I’m not, I’m gonna go make this thing happen. It was, everything just fell into place as as it does, really, when we’re in alignment to our own soul plan, to our Akash, to our purposes, right? To our higher selves, when we really are energetically in alignment, things show up, things fall into place. And so having that faith is huge. And I completely agree, the other thing is about being embodied, really being the Sovereign of Your physical body, your soul made a contract with the body that you’re in, to come together and create here on this earth at this time. And when we spend, when we kind of dis the body and ignore the body and spend all of our time kind of out in the ethers, we’re actually not fulfilling that contract with the body. And it becomes much harder to create a manifest, whatever it is, we want to create and manifest in this world, in this plane and dimension. So it’s a huge piece, when we talk about getting grounded, owning your own energy, field and space, right being the sovereign being the Queen, or king, right of the body, not letting all sorts of people fill your field and pull you around energetically and get into your head. And so one of the things I teach and I teach again, in the book in Akasha, I teach you these tools, these guided visualizations and an energy tools to become the sovereign two, I teach a simple tripod grounding system to really get grounded and connected deep into our dear Gaia, Mother Earth as a sentient being right? So connecting to her beautiful heart, which is her crystalline core, and asking for her help to stay embodied to write grounded and present in our world right now. So that we can do what we’ve come come to do. And so really having that faith and and and being the sunburn of your physical body really fulfilling those contracts are really powerful spiritual teachings.

Charisse Sisou  44:23  

It was beautiful. Would it be fair to say that we have a contract with Gaia herself to be

Lisa Barnett  44:31  

here? Some of us absolutely do not everyone per se the earth. There are big groups of Earth guardians. That’s what I realized when I came as a whale back in the ice age 1000 years ago or whatever it was, and why pledged I like kind of pledged my soul to help to support Gaia herself as the sentient being. And so again, even in coming back at this point, as she is awakening it, we will all awaken because we can’t be on this planet energetically as she awakens and not actually eventually awaken. Or, you know, the thought the hard human aspect is that I believe many souls will say, I’m not really ready for this now, maybe I’ll come back and try this again later. But many, many of us have contracts to help to support Gaia, to care for our waters, our air, our Earth, you know, the land. So there are huge Earth Guardian contracts out there as some of those like Earth guardians and rebalancing, divine feminine, divine masculine and ending. Again, ending war is part of a huge contract that so many of us are working on in so many different ways, we might not even realize it, but it’s about moving to peace, and sharing whatever we can about moving from that state of, you know, anger and hatred and shame, blame guilt into a space of peace, which is where we start to create the new earth.

Charisse Sisou  46:29  

Oh, I love it. And I, I also I want to kind of like, bring it back. Because when I think about this, sometimes we can slip into like, there are these huge, like you say, like these huge contracts. And I just want to emphasize to like, this gets played out in the microcosm, it gets played out, like, it doesn’t always have to look like traveling to Egypt, during the pandemic, or you know, any mean or hugging, you know, stone circles that are 10s, of 1000s of years old, like, those are all amazing experiences. And we all have access to those, you know, as much as we can, and it also plays out and you know, how we interact with our neighbor? You don’t I mean, I wanted to kind of like, why, like, what I see is that we have these big contracts, but we also it but it matters, like every interaction matters, like how we are with our children, like how we are with our garden, you know what I mean? Like, how we interact with the person behind the cash register at Panera, you know what I mean? Like, there’s, there’s all of these many ways that we can be part part and parcel and contributing to these contracts. But in ways that might seem, you know, it doesn’t have to look like activism or looks or movements, it can look like that, too. And that’s, you know, but everyone has, everyone’s piece of the medicine is so key and important, we have a different way of expressing it. And yeah, so it’s really, I find that to just very comforting, and strangely comforting, maybe, but very comforting and helpful and kind of riding the waves that are, you know, that this, this new Earth that we are co creating, you know, remembering that it’s like, it’s about the big stuff, but it’s about the small stuff, too.

Lisa Barnett  48:33  

Right? Absolutely. All right. Purpose is, is what they always say we have so many purposes, and so many of them are very much about our families and, and that might be healing pattern with your parent, that’s, you know, been a karmic pattern, or it could be about you know, really doing great works in your neighborhood, maybe it’s a neighborhood, right? Garden or, or teaching children how to, you know, start to grow food, or, you know, so many of my, of course, clients and students, you know, do their work very, very locally. And honestly, the record keepers often say that that’s part of what we’re creating, and what part of what kind of COVID was triggering was bringing us back into community, more local community, so that people aren’t driving three hours away to, you know, go to work and be away from their, their friends or families for, you know, 12 hours a day kind of thing. And so, it’s about coming back. It’s about, you know, eating locally, eating locally grown food, I mean, all of these aspects are so, so important. And so, you know, if you never leave your community that I can be so perfect, right? Because that’s your unique souls plan. Mine happens to be a little galactic and crazy. So

Charisse Sisou  50:10  

I love it. I love it. I love going with you. Yeah, yeah. tastic Oh my goodness. Well, this has just been an amazing journey. And I’m like, how do we land this spaceship? How what is so let’s, you know, let’s come full circle, let’s come back to the book. How can people find it? Where can they I mish I’m sure it’s available to all the places but you, you tell us where can we find you? Where can we find the book? Yes,

Lisa Barnett  50:47  

so you can find it on Amazon Barnes and Noble Amazon, you know, Canada or in Europe, wherever. So definitely available there, you will find it also on my website at Akashic knowing.com. And I am offering for a time for free gifts when you purchase the book. And so that’s super fun, because you get a couple of recorded meditations and visualizations that I write about in the book. And you actually get the whole audio with music as as a free gift. So there’s four of those gifts. So if you want to go to Akashic knowing.com, you will find the top banner that’s you know, Lisa’s new book with four free gifts, and that will connect you up to, to purchase it at Amazon and then put that code in and information so you can download your gifts and, and do that. So. So that’s a great way as well as of course, the all the all the regular, wonderful outlets that we have.

Charisse Sisou  51:58  

Oh, that’s fantastic. Well, oh my gosh, Lisa, thank you so much for just gracing us with your galactic earthly presents. I it’s it’s really just such a pleasure always to be in your energy. And the way that you are able to connect the stratosphere like that, that galactic aspect with early aspect, I think is just so very special. And just and make it like what I love about your stuff, too, is it’s like Yeah, yeah, I could see that. Like, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s doable, it’s tangible. It’s accessible. Like, this is the time, right? Like, this is the time, you know, for us to you write about this in your book, like how for a long time, you couldn’t just access it right? Well, you talked about this earlier, you couldn’t just access the Akasha now we’re in this time period where we’re awake enough the energies are shifting enough raising enough that it is time for all of us to have this access to that greater perspective that just affords us so much transformation, healing wisdom, all the rest joy, that we can bring great

Lisa Barnett  53:14  

joy, you know, we come to to enjoy this world and and you know, well. Right? You’re not just here to suffer. And that’s what we’re creating. And, you know, you and I we are are both mothers, I have three children and I’m going on my 33rd year of marriage isn’t that kind of wild, to start to think about that. And so it really is about these lives, and accessing the joy, the wisdom, the energy through the body through the Soul, right connecting to your own soul guidance and wisdom through your Akashic records. And and that really truly is the way the record keepers always say is just come in align with your soul. You don’t need any super special gifts. You don’t need to be trained as a clairvoyant or psychic or energy healer. I literally teach you all of these things in my online workshops that I I teach many times a year and and I teach a ton of it in this, you know, brand new books. So it’s a phenomenal place to start. You know, just go look up a Kasha with you know, Lisa Barnett on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or my website so you get your four gifts and start to do that and, and it is the time now really for for everyone. That’s what the record keeper said so many years ago. Please help us to share this wisdom with humanity because It is everyone’s birthright to access their own Akashic records and to understand who they are as infinite and why souls

Charisse Sisou  55:12  

Oh, I think we’re just gonna land it right there because that was perfectly said. Beautiful. Thank you so much. From as I always close every show from my heart to yours, I love you. I love you Lisa. I love anyone who’s listening, watching. Take what you need and pass it on

Charisse Sisou  55:41  

Thanks for joining me on Wise Body, Ancient Soul. I hope it reminds you how magical and powerful you truly are. Kindly subscribe, rate, and review this podcast so more juicy light bringers like you can hear these transmissions. And if you’re looking to connect more deeply with your body and soul’s wisdom, visit CharisseSisou.com to learn how else we can play together. Here’s to your joy and wild success! From my heart to yours, I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.

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