Business is the new temple: Entrepreneurship as modern-day mystery school

This episode is dedicated to entrepreneurs and owners building conscious businesses based on healing, energy, and spirituality. (Note: you don’t have to be a medium or psychic, although those all qualify – I’m talking more about how you approach your business, as a means for fulfilling your life’s purpose, and as a personal activator for change.) I discuss the shift from ancient times, when spiritual leaders were identified and trained from birth, to the present, when entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create their own structures.

Episode Highlights:

  • Once Upon a Time: How the community supported us in the past, and how we can replicate that in the present.
  • Creating the New Temple (and Why Now)..: Entrepreneurs can replicate the sustenance, care, and support once provided by traditional temples. The barriers to entry are lower, and vibes higher. Can you say, divine timing?
  • Growth and Healing in Business: Entrepreneurship serves as a path of rapid personal growth and development, akin to the experiences once found in ancient temples.
  • Freedom and Expansion in Business: There are no limits to what can be created and achieved within a business.
  • The Interplay of History and Future: Exploring the interwoven nature of our spiritual and business journeys can lead to profound insights and growth.

I think business is the new mystery school for spiritual entrepreneurs, providing the opportunity to create their own support systems and community structures. What do you think?


The blog article that inspired this episode

If you so resonate with this idea and would love guidance and support on the biz + soul path, let’s talk! This is my jam and how I love to support my people.

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Joan Grant, whom I mention in the episode, wrote a series of books back in the 1940s that she called “far memory” stories – basically, her recollections of past lifetimes. In one such book, I don’t remember which, she mentions that she valued her freedom of expression over her survival, and as a result, was burned alive at the stake, as she put it: “an exceedingly unpleasant way to die”…! If you’re interested in past lives, I highly recommend her books as a way of sparking your own “far” memories.

In that vein, I also recommend Journey of a Red Soul by Marie Dion, the pen name of my dear friend Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley, whom I will be interviewing in a future episode. Her recollection of past Native lifetimes was profoundly healing for me, as well as helped awaken memories of some of my past timelines.

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We’re back and we’ve got work to do. 1:10

Welcome to the new temple or mystery school: Initiations then and now. 3:04

Transitioning from a peaceful way of life to the current one. 5:23

What makes business the new temple? 7:26

What does it mean to create these structures ourselves? 9:05

Business is a place of rapid growth. 11:15

The interplay between history and the future. 13:10


Ready to have a deeper conversation about body and soul sacred leadership into our collective evolution. Welcome to the wise body ancient soul podcast with me your host, Charisse Sisou

this episode is dedicated to those of my listeners who our entrepreneurs, business owners and find themselves in a position of building a business a conscious business based on you know, maybe healing maybe they’re healers, spiritual coaches anything where you are or may sense that you are tapping wisdom and intelligence from besides your current incarnation, previous incarnations. So if I say something like you know, to the the priestesses, the shamans, the medicine women and men, the witch is a we’re back. And we’ve got work to do, if that resonates with you, and the work that you’re bringing forward on the planet, this week’s episode is for you, welcome. Business is the new temple. Let me break down with me it’s so once upon a time, let me tell you a story once upon a time many, many years ago, people like you people like me, we would have been plucked right? From our families probably even identified before birth right because the medicine woman or man or the you know, the the wise person of our community, right? Would the spiritual leader, the priestess, the shaman, right, would have connected with us even before we arrive and said, Yeah, this, this child is coming in with some gifts. Right? And we find ourselves in a different time. Yeah, so yeah, many, many years ago. People like you people like me, we would have been identified, plucked, whisked away, to train and you know, and I’m not making I don’t want to make it sound like light. It was not a small thing. We went through initiations, after initiations, right, we went through a great deal of training and work to reach a high level of spiritual understanding so that we then could return to our communities and be that healer, wise, elder, spiritual leader within the community, and it looked different than how it looks now, right. We didn’t have so many intermediaries between us and our experience of the sacred, right. We were closer to the earth. We were more in touch with the entities that care for her. We were more in touch with you know, our extra dimensional brothers and sisters, right? So it was a different time. And now we return many lifetimes later. And things are a little bit different. So if you have shown up here and you’re like, you know, putting your arms out like, Okay, I’m ready for my ceremonial robes now. Hello. Hello, right? Like the structures that were in place, to train us, nurture us, bring us together into communities where we could learn together, support each other on the path and then go out into a culture that not only was expecting us, but supported us for the work that we did. Right. Oh, yeah, we could take vows of poverty because our needs were taken care of, by the community. And, you know, we were we were paid in various ways, right? There were structures to support us there were, you know, we were fed, we were cared for, like our needs were seen, too, because our contribution was so highly valued. Right. So I’m talking about 1000s of years ago. And a lot has happened since then. Right? That’s really fodder for another another video, which is, you know, really kind of speaking to some of the wounding we experienced in between then, and now. Because let me just say that that transition from that way of life to our current way of life was not a peaceful, consensual one. Okay. And so that left a lot of marks on us to creating a lot of fear for us to even show up and do our work. Because, you know, again, topic for another video, but it was, we were punished with death, and torture and terrible things, for being our, our wise selves, our intuitive selves, our witchy selves, our powerful selves in a structure that no longer had space for us. So why is business the new temple? It was at this point that a full scale battle broke out amongst my cats interrupting the audio. So I did us the favor of removing that little bit of fun from this cat farmer’s life. And I couldn’t help but wonder because some of these cats, of course, have traveled multiple lifetimes with me. So I wonder if talking about are sometimes less than pleasurable ends, or as Joan grant would put, put it, highly unpleasant and stirred up a little bit of activation amongst my cats. And let’s pick up where we left off. Okay, so that was then what makes business the new temple. Now, right? Once upon a time, there was a temple, or there were existing structures that supported our work, gave us, you know, home, lodging, sustenance. The community supported us, and we were able to do our work that way. So what makes business the new temple is the time the amazing time that we find ourselves in now. Right? Where the barriers to, I mean, you don’t need me to tell you about how easy it is now to be an entrepreneur to be in business. But I think for those of us who have that sole mission, around, elevating the collective, raising the collective vibration, helping us transition into being a collective that honors all perspectives, and just operates from love versus fear, right? Different vibration. For those of us with that mission, if we came in going all right, where’s my temple? Where’s my, you know, who’s going to pluck me out and teach me the way? Crickets? We really, it’s like, we have the opportunity to create these structures ourselves. So what does this mean? You know, in business, we’re able to replicate all of those things, you know, creating sources of sustenance and replenishment, and, you know, taking care of ourselves through our business so that we can do this work getting paid to do this work. I know. That’s, well, we’ll get to that in another episode, just that piece. And I think it’s actually it’s it’s a topic that we come back to again and again because we have so many stories around. Receiving

Energy in exchange for our output of energy. I mean, when I put it that way, it sounds very neutral and like, well, of course, no big deal. But as soon as I replace the word energy with money now we’re, you know, our hair is starting to stand up on end, and we’re starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable with the conversation. You know, and I speak from experience, I 100%, speak from experience. And I’m so glad and excited to share what I’ve learned along the way of coming. Yeah, from the poverty mindset, to having the business that I have today, supported by a team, with ease with flow with grace with pleasure, and well compensated, right. So this is, it’s, it’s so key for us, it’s so key for us. And this is why business is the new tempo, because business allows us to do that allows us to create support systems for ourselves, allows us to create modes of support for ourselves so that we can do the work that we are here to do. Right. And without that, it’s just a very, very difficult. Yeah. And you know, it, there is a, I also find not only are the barriers to entry, so much easier in terms of being visible, getting your message out there, you know, being in business, but it’s also to like, we’re listening, right? It is a it’s a place of rapid growth, like something I learned, as I walked, the entrepreneurial path was, oh, M goddess, you know, that training, that we would have liked the developmental pieces of that mystery school or temple, right? Hello, this is what happens in business, all of our initiations, all of our stuff, our shit comes up, to be healed, to be moved through to be, you know, released, integrated, all of the things that once upon a time would have come from that experience is now available to us in business, when we are coming to business from that intentional, conscious point of view, and you would not be attending, I mean, you wouldn’t be listening to me talk about this, if you weren’t 100%. That person who is intentional conscious about creating this work, putting this work out into the world in a way that serves as many people as as you are contracted to serve, and in the way that you are contracted to serve them. And business is just one of those yummy pathways to do. It’s not the only pathway. Yeah, it’s just one that for me, and for people wired like me, like, there’s so much freedom and expansiveness in terms of what we can create. There are no limits. I mean, there are no limits, period. But you’re not I mean, there are no limits, right? When it’s your business, when it’s your enterprise, you can like take it all apart and build it into something new, you can expand it, you can change your business model. It’s exactly what I’ve just done in the last year is completely shift my business model, right, and bring in some of those team members with me and others. I released back into the wild because, you know, it was like, we’re not always meant to go the whole path. Everyone together. Right. Some people are just with us for parts of the journey. Yeah. So and vice versa, right. Like I know, same. It goes both ways. Yeah. So yeah, this is my business is the new temple and it’s exciting. And it’s thrilling. And for me, there is nothing more fascinating. Then this interplay between our history and our future, right. Our spiritual and entrepreneurial paths and selves and journeys. They’re totally interwoven. Right. And I just, I just think it’s one of the most fascinating inner sections and conversations that we can be having. So that is why I think business is the new temple. What do you think? 

Thanks for joining me on wise body ancient soul. I hope it reminds you how powerful and magical you truly are. If you’re looking to connect more deeply with the wisdom your body and soul carry, it would be my honor to guide you. Check out my website to learn how else we can play together. And if you feel so moved, kindly subscribe rate and review this podcast so more juicy light bringers like you can hear these transmissions. Here’s to your joy and wild success from my heart to yours. I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.

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