Wonder if you’re ready? Trust your path. (Here’s why.)

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We hold so much wisdom in the body. 

One of the things that I experienced visiting the Philippines, where my mother’s side of the family is from, is that my connection with my ancestral land was 100% transmitted through my body: Eating native foods. Feeling the earth under my feet. Meeting whole tribes of people to whom I was related. 

(No, seriously… In my mom’s hometown especially, it seemed like everyone was my cousin…! I mean, the mayor is my cousin. You know? It was wild. I’ve never experienced that level of familial ties or rootedness anywhere else).

And although I was walking into that experience knowing that I was called there to heal some intergenerational stuff and even which ancestors were guiding my steps… that hasn’t always been the case. 

I was reminded because the other day, I listened to a podcast host talk about visiting her ancestral lands. She wondered aloud, Was I ready? 

She had her daughter with her, who had her own needs and pulls on their time—so although the host felt so awakened by her trip, she looked back with this twinge of… It could have been better.

And I really resonated with that because I’ve had those same feelings. Had I known then what I know now, could that experience have been different? What if I hadn’t also been dealing with whatever drama was happening in my life?

In short: Was I ready?? Could it have been better, could I have been better?

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you (and remind myself): You are (and were) right on time. 

Trust your path and your body’s guidance to show up wherever and whenever you get that call.

Because guess what? Your ancestors guided you there. Or your own soul, beckoning to you from a prior lifetime. The messages came to you through an instinct, a feeling, to GO. 

And you heeded that call. And maybe you weren’t consciously engaged at the time, or don’t feel ready NOW. 

And, what I got so strongly on my trip to my motherland, as I scooped and ate the most exquisite papaya, or heard my relatives’ laughter, or saw a million and one sights that read home to my DNA… is that:

You don’t always have to KNOW or be consciously engaged in, “And now I am healing my ancestral line.” Or: “I am aware that I am uploading codes and downloading information and healing my bloodline…!” 

Because: it happens in the alchemy of your body. 

Simply by being you, and heeding your soul’s call. 

Just trust that. (I’ll repeat that, for me: Trust yourself.)

Trust that the moment that you’re called is the moment that you’re 100% ready. Because there’s so much that happens behind the scenes, underneath it all… Our ancestors’ dreams and wisdom, passed down through blood and bone; our own soul’s mandate as we came into the body… We’re not always aware at the moment when we’re fulfilling a soul contract or learning a lesson we aimed to learn before coming into the body.

A great example from my own life: I studied French in high school, and there was a foreign exchange program offered and paid for by the school. Of course, I signed up. I was 15 years old.

It would be decades before I recalled my lifetimes in the south of France, where the sacred feminine was revered for thousands of years. Generations of priestesses, sisters, and initiates lived and died there… and I was one of them. More than once. That realization didn’t come in really vividly for me until just a few years ago. (That is a story for another day.)

And yet, there I was, called to the south of France at age 15. And I ended up being matched with a family in Lourdes, of all places…! 

Lourdes is famous for its healing waters and connection with the Holy Mother. A young girl named Bernadette saw visions of her there in 1858. (Our Lady was there much earlier than that, just not sanctioned by the Catholic Church until documented miracles began to happen after Bernadette’s vision and unearthing of the spring.) Millions of pilgrims travel there each year. 

I was aware of none of this, not being raised Catholic, and having no conscious ties to the Mother, I mean I didn’t know that She was even a thing…! But I was completely called there. I was the only student in the program housed in Lourdes. I started speaking the language like I was born there; I came back with this really strong, Southern French accent that blew everyone away. 

And, what I can tell you is, there were so many things that needed to be healed yet, at that tender age. For one thing, I was so painfully shy. I remember arriving at the home of my French family, being shown to my room, and then not wanting to come back out of it that first night. I was so scared! I literally made a sign that said “Bonne Nuit” and put it on my door. 

I’m sure they had this whole dinner prepared for me and everything. And in hindsight, I’m like, Oh, God, the social awkwardness…! But that’s where I was at that time. And, it was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. 

Because in spite of all that, seeds were planted. Information was uploaded and downloaded. In fact, this experience helped pave the way for my remembering past lifetimes. It helped prepare me for later downloads when I got the full-on, tears gushing down my cheeks, visceral memories of being part of this sisterhood.

So I just wanted to put this out there: Trust your path. Just trust it. When you’re called to go to Glastonbury, or the Philippines, or the Black Hills of South Dakota, or wherever, even though maybe it isn’t under the circumstances you would prefer, trust the call. 

Trust where your body takes you. 

There are no accidents. In fact, that argument you might have had on your trip, let’s say, with your daughter, may have been part of ancestral healing that needed to happen. Processing echoes of the past, healing or bringing knowledge or wisdom forward. 

What you’ll find is, looking back, you’ll go, “Oooohh… That’s why of all the towns in France that I was called to, I was called to Lourdes. And of all the programs that I could have been invited into, I was in the one that went to the south of France…” 

As you progress down your path, the pieces will fall into place. Why a particular place, at a particular age, under those exact circumstances… So you might think, Oh my gosh, I was called there when I was 21. I was SO not ready to do the work… 

And yet: you were probably called there at age 21 because something momentous happened to an ancestor or in a past life at that age. There’s never any accident. 

So trust, trust that there is always a part of you that knows who you are and the whys and wherefores behind what is happening at any given moment. That part resides in your beautiful, sacred body. 

And as you learn to trust that instrument of your soul, that physical focus of your soul, that temple of your soul… 

As you learn to trust your body, it just makes things so much easier, and the journey that much richer. 

So… Happy Travels! 

From my heart to yours, I love you. Take what you need and pass it on.