The Juicy Details

Enjoy a yearlong experience with an intimate community of powerful sister entrepreneurs, in shared support, expansion, and accountability, for soul-aligned business and personal growth.

A Modern Matrix of Ancient Feminine Leadership:
Unleash your power

To lead the new world, we must reclaim ancient women’s wisdom.

There are 4 dimensions of feminine leadership we’ve been taught to fear and shame, in particular… By reclaiming and reintegrating these aspects of ourselves, we lead as our WHOLE selves:

BODY  |  The Courtesan
Reclaim your body, without shame. A woman at home in her body and awakened to her pleasure is magnetic.

EARTH  |  The Witch
Reclaim your wisdom, without fear. We are magic and intrinsically connected to the natural world.

POWER  |  The Queen
Reclaim your sovereignty, without guilt. Command support, so we can lead with beauty and a generous heart.

SPIRIT  |  The Priestess
Reclaim your connection with the unseen world. It is time to remember how we once connected with the divine.

Experiential Deep Dives:
Enter the Matrix and unleash your power.

Each season, we’ll cover a different aspect of the Modern Matrix, meeting 3 times each quarter for a deep dive on the topic.

We’ll gather for new teachings, rituals, tools, and inspiration on an aspect of that quarter’s theme. We’ll ground the learning through story, journaling, and movement. To close, we’ll circle up for sharing and Q&A, and you’ll leave with practices and tools to integrate into your life and business.

Wisdom Circle: Not your daddy’s mastermind

The keys to your visibility and impact are in energy and strategy; this unique Wisdom Circle weaves both. At or near the New Moon, we’ll gather to set our intentions for the lunar cycle—for yourself, your business, and the collective. Bring your questions, a-ha’s, and transformations. What do you desire to call in? 

This is also the place where Spirit meets Strategy, translating the inner work for outer results: What does the Courtesan have to do with being more visible? How do we bring our Witch-y selves to our business, and conjure magic for our clients and communities? How do we call upon our inner Priestess to make business our new temple?

In this space, I show up as an intuitive channel and proven marketing and business expert, drawing on my experience as a longtime entrepreneur, founder of a 6-figure+ content marketing agency serving purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and lifelong student of personal and spiritual development.

Dance Jam: Raise your vibration (and the collective’s)

Movement is medicine. At or near the Full Moon, we’ll gather to dance, move through, and channel the wild, exuberant energy of the moon at her fullest. 

We’ll raise the energy, move emotions through, and ground in the body. Drawing from my experience as a professional bellydancer and dance instructor, I’ll guide us through feminine energy movement practices passed down over generations and across cultures. 

Open your hips, hearts, and souls—and transform at the cellular level to unlock your embodied, unshakable leadership. We’ll witness the ripple effect in our businesses, lives, and communities.

All this, AND a powerful community of activated entrepreneurs

Women need sisterhood like they need oxygen. Beyond connection and the natural relationships you’ll build within this sacred container, a woman witnessed in her journey is made all the more whole

We’ll have a dedicated, private Facebook to provide you a soft place to land, a place to share our wins as well as losses, and most powerfully: accountability. 

Navigate this journey through a changing world as part of an empowered, collaborative collective of spiritual entrepreneurs. You will naturally build business as well as personal relationships. (I mean, when you’re gathering with the yummiest people on the planet, don’t you want to collaborate with them, work with them, and play with them?)

It’s Decision Time!

Is QueensMind the entrepreneurial mystery school and soulful sisterhood you’ve been looking for?

Are you ready to take your place in this beloved circle of entrepreneurs, leaders, wayshowers, and wisdomkeepers?

Are you ready to say YES? 

To impact and prosper with ease, flow, and joy…
To being exquisitely supported and outrageously successful…
To playing full out, as ALL of your magnificent self…
To membership in an exclusive, co-creative sisterhood of wildly successful, soulful leaders…

In other words: Are you ready to say YES to your message, impact, and power?

Then choose the option that speaks to you, and let’s get started, Queen!

Playdates with Guest Experts: Cultivate your wild success

Get additional tools from guest experts who will bring their magic, wisdom, and practices to our circle. In the past, I’ve featured:

• a practitioner who taught us how to awaken our body’s consciousness matrix, the fascia; 
• a money mindset expert who is as funny as she is brilliant; and 
• an energy healer and indigenous wisdomkeeper who taught us how to forgive and finally release those who have hurt us. 

These guides may pop up in an aligned deep dive, or offer a fun interlude between our group sessions. Get ready for some inspired breakthroughs!

Coffee with the Goddess: Intuitive guidance to ease the journey

Connecting with our collective guides and wisdom, I tune in to the energies and read how best to navigate them, as activated, spiritual entrepreneurs. What do we need to know and integrate to ease and amplify the effect and impact we desire? And what does this mean in practical, everyday terms? Feel free to join the live message on Facebook, and ask any Q’s that come up for you. Or, catch the replay, delivered to your inbox each month.

Every Day Pleasure: Ways to be happier, on the daily

Weekly messages delivered to your inbox, with rituals and practices to tweak what you already do every day. So you add more time, fun, and passion—without adding to your to-do list.

Still on the fence? Lingering questions? Want to do some but not all of the live retreats? Other options are available!