Ritual One

Transform your shower

This tool is so expansive, you’ll find a “bonus, extra credit” video below!

Transform your morning shower… Sounds simple, right? It is.  

I take you through easy (fun!) tweaks you can make to your daily shower practice that begin increasing your capacity to receive. (And may even get you giggling!) The idea behind the shower ritual is this:  

When we compromise on our basic self-care as a daily habit, we send a message to our very cells, to the Universe, that says, I’m satisfied with the bare minimum. I don’t deserve any more than this. I don’t have time for more.  

When we take delicious, intentional care every single day with how we treat our beautiful bodies—lavishing unconditional love onto the one vessel we’re given to accomplish all that we’re here to do this lifetime—we imprint on our skin, on our cells, on our DNA, and by extension, send this message to the Universe instead:  

I am worthy. I deserve luxury, beauty, and ease. I have more than enough time.  

Try Ritual #1, Transform Your Morning Shower, and see what happens…!  

One client reported back to me that just implementing this simple change to her routine thawed a decades-long “roommate” phase she and her husband of 35 years had fallen into. Suddenly, he looked at her with heat in his eyes again! She couldn’t wait to tell me.

When you’re ready to amplify, add this Extra Credit Ritual Add-on to your ritual…

Seal your energy

Honoring our boundaries is an act of self-love.

Waffling on our boundaries leads to overgiving and depletion. This practice reminds us on a cellular level to honor our boundaries and broadcasts this message:  

I am worthy of love, just by showing up and bring my magnificent self. I don’t have to give or deliver something to “earn” my worth. I have nothing to prove. I fill myself up first, and give from overflow. I protect and honor my boundaries.  

Resources mentioned in the video(s): 

My book, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power is available on Amazon here. (Now also an audiobook!) 

Listen to Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye on YouTube here.  

Here’s an example of a body brush.

Dive deeper into your body’s wisdom with my book, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact, & Power.