Ritual Two

Anoint the Body

In this video, we go there.

I get vulnerable about my relationship with my own body.   

After all, you just brought me into the shower with you! 

(If you missed the first ritual and have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out here: Transform Your Shower.)  

The Anointing the Body Ritual is an exercise in slowing our frantic pace so we can really notice what’s in front of us… And truly be a witness to our own beauty.

(And trust me, beloved – we are all beautiful.)  

The purpose behind the anointing the body ritual is this:   

We are surrounded by messages that bombard us with the idea that we are imperfect. (And we are perfectly imperfect.)   

But these cultural messages don’t celebrate our imperfections. They prey on our sense of self, our confidence, and our trust in our bodies!  

As women, we are taught to treat our bodies like ongoing projects, rather than the vessels with which we make our magic in the world.   

We internalize these messages. (How can we not? We hear them from girlhood on.) So we take over where our parents, or other authority figures, left off.

By reclaiming our connection with our bodies and practicing an act as simple as anointing the body with love and intention as a daily habit, we send a message to our very cells, to the Universe, that says:   

I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am perfect as I am right now. 

How are the rituals for you thus far? What is being stirred, shaken, opened up, released?

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