Ritual Four

Redefine Flirting

Today, we redefine flirting as a ritual for amplifying your magnetism.    

This is all about having fun and being fully yourself, in the presence of another human being.   

See, we’re taught that flirting is something you do to get attention and lead to a relationship. In other words, flirting is typically defined only and always within this framework of “picking up” a potential partner.   

As opposed to a way of being.   

Let’s go back to the last time you were out a-looking for a partner and flirting, or the last time you had some flirty banter with your beloved, and all the notes hit. I’m not talking about times when there was a dead thud as you cast your feminine wiles, I’m talking about an exchange alit with all the frisson and sizzle of mutual attraction. How did it feel?   

Saucy and fun, right? Powerful, yes?   

It is part of how we feel feminine and attractive. By shutting it down, we cut ourselves off from a potent ritual for reconnecting with our magnetic power as women.   

Plus – when we separate flirtation from “need,” as in needing the attention, or needing the love, or needing the relationship, it becomes so much more light and fun. And as you’ll see, that is much more effective in raising your effervescent attractiveness.    

And thus, expanding your capacity to receive.   

In the video, I share a story of how, by flirting, I “seduced” the entire waitstaff of a restaurant… and what happened as a result…!   

By recommitting to our flirt, we send out a message that says:  

I am present. I am joyful. I am a magnet for all that I desire! 

Resources mentioned in this training:

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