Healing doesn’t mean you’re broken.

Let’s be clear about the healing process.

You are not broken.

I repeat: You are not broken.

To be clear, when I talk about healing, it’s not from the perspective that there’s something to be fixed. No, it’s not that at all. What it is, is that: 

We, as souls, leave this trail. These seeds of wisdom, these fragments, these fractals… 

This happens anytime we have an experience where there is more to it than we can absorb or learn at that moment. Call it a traumatic experience, call it a loss, call it an unexpected turn of events. Call it a momentous meeting of souls.

It can happen in this timeline or even in previous lifetimes… Yours, or an ancestor’s… Sometimes the unwinding of these experiences takes generations.

As we navigate the spiral of our life’s path, as we progress, we integrate these pieces we leave behind. 

We re-call. We re-member. We re-piece together.

We re-incorporate—literally. As in corp, meaning: of the body. We reincorporate these pieces of our soul, these pieces of ourselves that we left behind… 

Pieces like a jeweled treasure map, right? 

If there is something that needs to be healed, it is simply a part of your soul that’s ready to rejoin with you. 

That’s it

It doesn’t mean that you’re broken. 

It doesn’t mean that there’s something to be fixed. Not at all


It’s like we become ever more whole. 

Ever more aligned.

Ever more on your purpose, or in your purpose, right? 

Ever more in your body, which is where so much of this wisdom is carried. 

Just trust it. Just 100% trust it, and trust yourself. More than we’ve been taught to trust ourselves

You are perfect. If you’re on the journey (and we all are), you just haven’t met all the parts of yourself yet.

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