Ritual Three

Adorn with Pleasure

I noticed that I didn’t name this ritual in the video. Part decluttering, part organizing principle, this practice is all about self-worth and letting our pleasure be our guide.

It could best be described as a realignment of your underwear drawer or renewal. Even rehab, if—like me, the first time I did this—you find that after you declutter, there’s hardly a pair left!   

Here’s the bottom line (ha! no pun intended):   

Like that expression, How you do anything is how you do everything…   

Or even, dare I say, As above, so below… (!)   

How we treat the most intimate part of our body is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves.   

And for this ritual: what underthings you choose—and the quality thereof—is an issue of self-worth and self-love.   

I mention shopping in Paris for lingerie, which IS a transcendent experience—but you don’t have to hop a plane to implement getting the best quality that you can afford, and shopping only for those panties, underwear, you name it, that make you feel super, juicy good in your body.   

Here are the requirements:   

  • They need to fit well and move well with your body. In other words, they don’t bunch up, ride up or down, pinch or chafe. (When you take a moment to think about it… isn’t it incredible what we put up with from our clothing, as women??… But I digress.)
  • They need to feel great against your skin. Choose fabrics that make you feel wonderful. For me, that means cotton or mostly cotton blend, silk, bamboo, and other mostly natural materials.   
  • They need to make YOU feel amazing. As in, when you put them on, you feel sexy, relaxed, comfortable, and beautiful.       

By realigning our underwear drawers, and treating the most intimate spots on our bodies with tenderness, care, and beauty, we quietly broadcast a message that says:

I am worthy. I am beautiful. I deserve the best quality, and to receive exactly what I desire, in all aspects of my life. I am a sexy goddess who loves myself from bottom to top…!

How have you enjoyed the first 3 rituals? What’s coming up for you?

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