Ritual Five

Dance Break

Ritual 5: Dance your magnificent body

Woo-HOO! Here it is! The final ritual to grounding in your sacred body and expand your capacity to receive.

Mmmmm…. The dance break.    

For some of you, this will be an Oooh, yeaaaaaahhh…. ritual.   

And for others of you, this will feel just short of… torture.   

So, here’s the thing.   

Once upon a time, we understood the magic of music. Of rhythm. Of dance.   

We got that we are energetic beings. Science, in the form of quantum physics, is just now catching up to something that we have always known. If you look at ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures, this concept has always been there: we are energy.   

This matter/energy split is no split at all.   

The “body-mind-spirit-connection” is not a connection, but different names or aspects of the same energetic being.  

Your mind is your body. Your body is your spirit. There is no separation. And, they represent different aspects.   

So, I know that, as a 21st-century woman living in this age of technology, MOST of us spend an inordinate amount of time in our minds (while sitting), and just a fraction of our time moving around. And depending on your preferences, very little if any of that movement is dancing.   

I am all for healthy movement and fitness. And I know that many of us go to the gym within the (masculine) framework of achieving a fitness goal in a “no pain, no gain” environment.  

The thing is, there is a huge difference between moving to look a certain way and moving to feel a certain way. Dancing is all about feeling.   

Dancing feeds your soul. Dancing moves your emotional body, your spiritual body, and your physical body (be they different dimensions of the same thing).   

Everyone has a favorite sad song, or song that raises their spirits; we know other songs that seem to transcend the human experience into spiritual ecstasy.  

Just as music can take us through our highs and lows – dance can do all those same things, through the body. 

It simply requires letting go of the idea that it “should” look a certain way, or that there is a “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Dismiss the idea that there is such a thing as “good” or “bad” here. Just move.

In the video, I share a story about children dancing at a big box store. Listen to that story, then play some music that channels your inner, free, shameless child.    

Dancing raises your energetic vibration… High vibes bring high-vibe results. I think of it as my “secret ritual” that I do before sales calls, client calls, recording a video, or sitting down to write some copy.    

Dancing opens up your body’s energy centers so you are open to receiving.   

By peppering your day with dance breaks, and freeing your mind of what that looks like, we send out a message that says: 

I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am perfect as I am right now. 

But wait… there’s more!

Did I mention that you can mix-and-match these rituals? Observe:

Get Your Groove On

Originally this was an add-on to the first ritual… and over time I saw how this teaching brings us full circle.

Dance is a direct connection to our sense of play and inner child, who had no trouble asking for what she wanted, before she started learning to squelch her desires in favor of someone else’s.  

Dance is a direct connection to our ancestors – especially when we do primal, ancient moves like a hip swivel or pelvic circle. Once upon a time, we understood that we were energetic beings and that music and dance had the power to heal and transform. Your body remembers that movement can be magic. Just let her lead the way.  

Dance takes our body to an ancient place that our cells and DNA recognize, even if our brains don’t “get” why something fun could also be incredibly beneficial. By moving with a playful and sensual heart, we transmit through the body this message:  

I have more than enough time to play and dance. My pleasure is important. Fun is important. I am a sensual being. My body is magic.  

By raising the vibration of your body, you align with the energy of more of what you desire. (More love, money, clients, etc.) It is not the reason WHY we raise our vibration—it just feels better! And abundance is a happy side effect.  

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